10 outfit ideas for back to school

Definitely the most exciting thing about going back to school is buying new supplies and outfits. Choosing your back-to-school outfits, in particular, can be a difficult and stressful process. If you’re in desperate need of some fashion inspiration, you need look no further because here are some cool back to school outfit ideas that you absolutely must try!

#1: Plaid Flannels

Plaid flannels are a must. They go great with light blue jeans and a black or white top underneath. Pair your favorite white sneakers with it all and you’re good to go. These flannels are available in many colors, so you can get yours in your favorite. I like the plaid flannels the most from H&M.

#2: Cute Necklaces

Adding a collar under any sweatshirt you own can really make a big impact and give the outfit a cool twist. Necklaces are great for school as they give off an academic vibe and also make your haircut much more interesting. Like in the picture below, they look the cutest with black and white shoes, and you can always style your hair with a claw clip. You can buy yourself a white coat in any store. For example, those of ZARA.

#3: Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters will keep you warm and cozy and make you look so chic too. They come in all colors, but my favorites are navy blue and green. They are a bit different from minimalist turtlenecks as they are thicker than the classic ones, perfect for mixed weather. I think these statement pieces go really well with flared jeans and gold jewelry, but you can pair them with whatever you want. I always buy my turtleneck sweaters from ZARA.

#4: Oversized Shirts

You definitely need to add cute oversized graphic tees to your wardrobe. They go with any type of jeans you have. I like them the most with baggy and ripped jeans. You can get them in any color you want, and they’re really easy to put on on a lazy morning before school. So simple, yet so cute and elegant. I like the oversized shirts from SHEIN and Fashion Nova the most. But you can also always try the men’s section of any clothing store. There are some cute pieces there if you search hard enough!

#5: Flared Leggings

Not only are they super comfy and perfect for long school days, but they also make for really cute outfits! Black flare leggings go well with everything you have in your wardrobe. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, crop tops etc. My favorite combination is the flared leggings with an oversized sweater and a turtleneck underneath. Take a look at Emma Chamberlain absolutely kill the cup ! You can get your flare leggings from Missguided, ONLY or Princess Polly.

#6: Slit Jeans

Split jeans got some recognition last year, and they still do! It’s a simple addition to any “traditional” jeans, but it changes your look so much. Slit jeans look great with an oversized sweater, and slits fall perfectly on simple sneakers. If you want the slits to be in the front, a bit more subtle or want them to be even more noticeable, that’s also possible. You can get the split (hem) jeans you prefer at PLT, ZARA and H&M.

#7: Oversized Vests

These vests are ideal for school, where temperatures can change often. Really simple, but still a must-have item of clothing. Just grab your favorite pair of jeans, layer a black/white crop top on top, and finish the outfit with an oversized cardigan in your favorite color. If you want, you can always add jewelry to spice up your outfit even more. I love Brandy Melville’s oversized vests the most.

#8: Funky Knit Sweaters

These funky colorful knit sweaters are probably all over your Pinterest page already, and that’s definitely a sign. They are so cute and comfy and come in lots of different colors and sizes. My favorite, however, has to be the green in the image below. These are available at YESSTYLE and SHEIN.

#9: Cargo Pants

Yes, you need cargo pants in your wardrobe. I call it: they’re going to make a comeback again this year, so better be prepared! The famous colors of cargo pants are beige, black and olive green. My favorite is the black color cargo pants as pictured below. As you can see, they go great with a cropped turtleneck/long sleeve shirt, but you can also wear your favorite t-shirt or sweater with it. My favorite cargo pants are from Stradivarius.

#10: Rory Gilmore Sweater

And last, but not least, the famous Rory Gilmore sweater. If this sweater doesn’t give you the greatest back-to-school vibes, then I don’t know what does. This iconic sweater is therefore perfectly suited to school. It keeps you warm and cozy, and honestly, who doesn’t want to feel like Rory Gilmore on a boring school day? It goes very well with a pleated skirt, but will go perfectly with black or dark blue jeans. This sweater is called a “cable knit sweater” and you can get it at H&M.

Now you’re totally ready to go back to school in style. I hope this gives you some motivation for the school year. Besides, the most fun thing about going back to school is showing off your new clothes, right?