5 golden tips for better skin

Our skin is our most important organ that shows our beauty. In fact, the skin is the largest human organ and unfortunately, we are not very aware of being good for this huge organ in our body and meeting its needs. We dry it in the sun, we prefer unhealthy foods that make the skin oily, we don’t pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and in the end our skin gives a very unpleasant reaction. Cracks, dryness, pimples, blackheads… It’s up to us to prevent all of this, and it’s actually very easy. Just be a little aware. Here are 5 golden tips to keep in mind for better skin.

  1. for a lot of water

Like all organs in our body, our skin needs water to survive and stay healthy. When you drink less water, problems begin to appear on your skin, as on all your internal organs. It cannot renew itself, dries out, cracks and acquires a deformed appearance. To avoid this, we recommend that you drink 2 liters of water a day. In addition, by using a good moisturizer, you can help your skin to be more resistant to external factors and always remain like baby skin. moisturizer on Oriflame and Boyner We recommend that you try their products.

  1. Don’t miss your vitamins

While our parents are constantly taking vitamins and minerals, this habit may sometimes seem strange to us, but vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of our organs and people need to take their vitamins and minerals regularly to keep their bodies functioning healthier. . . The ideal way to do this is to get essential vitamins from food, but some vitamins and minerals may need to be consumed in too much to get enough, which can lead to weight gain. In order to avoid this result, we can take vitamins and minerals as an external support. The most essential vitamins for skin health are vitamin C and vitamin A. To take these as a supplement, we recommend that you consult your doctor first, as too much vitamin A can cause problems in the body. . However, our body’s daily need for these vitamins is not very high, and if we add fruits containing vitamin C and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes containing vitamin A to our meals, we will satisfy our needs.

  1. miracle of lycopene

As we age, our skin weakens and becomes less able to protect itself from external influences. On the other hand, the lycopene substance contained in tomatoes provides the skin with the support it needs, keeping the skin elastic, alive and strong. But when we heat the tomato, the lycopene released is ten times higher than the lycopene in raw tomatoes. Therefore, simply heating tomatoes in a pan for breakfast is a very simple yet effective practice that is both delicious and wise, and sustainable.

  1. The sun is not our friend

Sad but true, the sun is very cruel to human beings. All living beings and plants on planet Earth can stay in the sun 24/7 without being harmed by it, but strangely only human beings can end up in hospital with severe burns after 10 to 20 minutes of sun exposure. Also, no burns are necessary, sun exposure quickly dries out your skin and over time your skin cracks, ages and deforms. So on sunny days it is a good idea to protect your skin from the sun with hats or special protective creams.

  1. Cleaning

The cause of acne on your skin is that the bacteria living under the skin start breeding when they find the right environment in the body. For example, when you eat lots of carbohydrates and sugary foods that bacteria love, inflammation in your body creates an environment for bacteria to reproduce. You can compare it to a kind of swamp and fly relationship. To drain the swamp, you need to cut back on carbs and sugar. The sad thing is that it is almost impossible to completely destroy these bacteria, but if you always keep your face and skin clean, wash, cleanse, moisturize and consume sugar properly, the acne on your face will be much less. Keep this little information in mind.