5 “healthy” foods that aren’t really healthy

It’s almost one of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions: to eat healthier. But are the healthy foods you eat really healthy? Maybe not! Here are 10 foods that look and sound healthy, but they’re not at all! Comment other ideas!

banana chips

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These so-called “healthy potato chips” are more unhealthy than you think! Fries with other unknown things (like salt and sometimes added potassium!) don’t make those sliced ​​bananas any healthier. If you’re considering buying these potato chips or other fruit crisps, stick with the real thing! In fact, an ounce of these chips has about 150 calories while a banana only has about 105. Stick with real fruit!

Protein/energy bars

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These sweet, high-calorie bars are no match for their regular granola counterpart. While they might give you some energy once in a while, overall they’re just bars full of sugar and chemicals. Protein bars are often loaded with artificial sweeteners, corn syrup and TONS of trans fats. Grab a granola bar with the real stuff instead! However, eating one before a big game won’t hurt, instead look for bars with less sugar and bars with less than 200 calories.


Image result for PretzelsPretzels have fewer calories than a bag of crisps, but overall they’re still made from the same processed, refined flours and so on. Pay particular attention to yoghurt covers! They may taste like sweet yogurt, but you never know how long that “yogurt” has been sitting around and what’s actually in it. Again, eating pretzels in moderation is fine, but they’re not as healthy as you might think.


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This popular breakfast staple is less healthy than most people think. Instead of gravy-covered cookies or fried bacon, most choose cereal and say they had a healthy breakfast. Think again ! How did we get those cute cornflakes in her form? Cereals (especially those containing corn and fruit) are stripped of their vitamins and nutrients when we add these chemicals and sugars to help extend shelf life and taste. You can make your own healthy cereal at home! Have homemade granola with fresh fruit and add soy milk for a healthy alternative.

Flavored Yogurt

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Yes, it’s healthier than that candy bar you wanted to eat. But they don’t flavor the yogurt the way you really want. Most companies flavor their yogurt with additional added sugars and artificial flavors. If you are looking for a good tasting yogurt, flavor it yourself with fresh fruit and plain yogurt! Add to your taste and you will feel better eating it.