6 Healthy Breakfast Meal Ideas That Will Help Rock Your Day

Scrolling through TikTok, my feed is bombarded with delicious breakfasts that I would kill to eat. Beautiful avocado toast and bowls of acaí that make my mouth water. I wanted to eat like them. So, I did. Of course, my versions of these foods aren’t perfectly aesthetic like the ones I see on social media, but they are quite tasty.

Eating a healthy, solid breakfast has been shown to be extremely beneficial. Your first meal of the day can make or break how you feel. You have to do it right. Eating food that’s good for you doesn’t have to be gross or difficult. With the right recipes and the right approach, it can be fun!

Peanut butter and banana toast

This meal is my favorite and I’d like to think I made it up myself (I didn’t). My love for peanut butter and bananas started in grade school when I ate them in a sandwich. Only a few years later, however, I realized you could have it for breakfast or two. You only need three ingredients: bread (preferably wheat), 1 banana, and peanut butter. Making it is simple. All you have to do is toast your bread, then spread the peanut butter on it, slice the banana, and place the banana pieces on the toast. Peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein and will keep you full for long periods of time. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C. For those of you with limited time in the morning, they can be prepared in 5 minutes and taste delicious!

custom oatmeal

For this next one, you’ll be able to do it your way as it gives you a ton of freedom. When I was younger, I hated oatmeal. I thought it was the dullest thing ever. Everything changed once I found out you could add toppings to it; I’ve been in love ever since. There are a few different ways to make basic rolled oats, and for most of them, you’ll only need a few ingredients. Here is my favorite oatmeal. It is packed with protein. The fun part is, of course, the wonderful and diverse toppings you can explore. Some of my personal favorites are Almond Butter, Strawberry Chunks, Blueberries, and Coconut Shavings. You can also add any type of dried fruit, nut or paste. The bowl is like your own personal canvas that you can eat! Not only does oatmeal taste great, it’s also great for your body!

Egg and spinach sandwich

For those of you who have never tried this combination, you may be thinking “what the hell is this?”, but please trust me. With the right preparation, this breakfast sandwich can change your life. To make it, you’ll need bread of your choice, 1-2 eggs, a handful of spinach, your choice of cheese, and any other toppings you might like. This meal can be made a number of ways, but I like to toast my bread with cheese and spinach on it. At the same time, I scramble my eggs (I prefer scrambled eggs, but it’s up to you). Once both parts of the sandwich are cooked, combine them and enjoy! This recipe may take a little more effort, but it’s worth it once you’ve eaten the end product.

Overnight oats

More oats. Yum! A big hurdle that stands in the way when it comes to healthy eating is simply a lack of time, but when it comes to overnight oats, there’s almost no excuse. This can be prepared several days in advance, for those days when you don’t have time to make yourself a beautiful masterpiece. Like oatmeal, you have tons of freedom when it comes to making it. There are so many awesome and creative recipes that range from fruits to nuts, and everything in between. The Food Network has a great recipe that I use sometimes. Preparation only takes about 5 minutes, but you will need to put the rolled oats in the refrigerator for a few hours before eating them. In the morning, when they are ready to eat, take a handful of blueberries or almonds, throw them on them and eat thoroughly. A great filling meal that saves time!

Make-your-own yogurt parfait

Like personalized oatmeal, yogurt parfaits are great if you’re creative but don’t have a lot of time. Yogurt parfaits are as simple or complex as you want them. You will never have to worry about it being bland either, as there are so many add-ons available. Technically, you don’t need more than one ingredient: yogurt, but I highly recommend adding some fun toppings. I can’t eat granola on its own, but as soon as you combine it with yogurt it becomes addictive. Whether you use Greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt, or even peach yogurt, adding raspberries is always a must! When you want to spice things up and add some color, yogurt parfaits are the way to go! One of my favorite breakfast treats.

zucchini bread

This might shock some of you, but there are healthy baked goods out there! Of course, though, you just need to use the right ingredients and not overdo it with things like sugar, butter, or oil. This great zucchini recipe does just that! You’ll need several different ingredients and a good bit of time, so make sure you’re ready for both before you start cooking. The recipe above gives you the option of using honey as a sweetener, instead of sugar! Honey, when cooked, tastes eerily similar to sugar, but is significantly better for you. This recipe makes a whole loaf, so you’ll have enough to eat for several days, or to share with friends and family. It’s a win-win situation every time you make zucchini bread!

All of these recipes make my mouth water and I can’t stop thinking about my next breakfast. With 6 different meals you can create, you have a ton of flexibility when it comes to eating. I hope these recipes will be useful to you the next time you are in your kitchen preparing breakfast! I know I will continue to enjoy them all!