allergy season

lowerDo you have redness or swelling on your face or body? Or when you walk into dusty environments your eyes water and your nose runs? If so, watch out! Maybe allergies have also knocked on your door…

Do you know these

* Allergy occurs as a result of the immune system, which protects us, perceiving certain substances introduced into the body as “foreign substances” and overreacting.
* The substance that causes an allergy is called an “allergen”.
* Allergies manifest themselves in many ways. They develop in different parts of the body and differ in severity.
* Allergy, which usually encounters us in childhood, can occur in adolescence as well as in older age.
* The allergy is definitely not contagious.
* Allergy occurs when a person with genetic makeup is exposed to triggers such as cigarette smoke, air pollution.
*Factors such as upper respiratory tract infections such as the flu, temperature changes, strong odors and exercise can trigger allergies.
* It is currently not possible to prevent allergies. But work is underway for this.
* If you want to know if you have any allergies, just go to an allergist and get tested.

80% of asthma cases occur before the age of 5. Due to the narrowing of the airways, coughing spells, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath occur. These complaints disappear when the flexible air hose returns to its original state. Factors that influence the appearance of these attacks can be dust mites, molds and all kinds of allergens in the air we breathe. Two types of drugs are used in the treatment of asthma. One is protective and the other is breathtaking medicine for emergencies. Medications such as nose drops and sprays cannot completely cure the condition, but they help reduce symptoms. What to watch out for depends on what you’re allergic to.

what should you do
* Stay away from things that trigger your allergies (dust, mold, etc.).
* Be sure to exercise. Because sport increases respiratory functions. Do not prefer competitive sports like football, basketball, intensive training. There should be things you can do calmly, like swimming.