Be the star of spring!

If you’re confused about how to style your hair and what colors to use in your makeup, let us help you follow the trend.

Pictures: Ahmet Ferah
manufacturing and Elif Unal Ozdoğan
Hairstyle-makeup: Deniz Gundogdu
Model: Monica from the Flash Modeling Agency
for the place in Parkorman We thank you


The mystery of green
If you are one of those who follow the season, you will not be able to give up green this spring…
How about dancing with curls?
1- Roll up your hair with curlers or roll it up with clips and keep it waiting. But be careful, don’t burn your hands with the curling irons!
2- After wrapping your hair, fix your hair with a hairdresser.
3- The last step is to shake your hair and walk around 🙂

To put on makeup
The green of nature is now in your eyes…
1- Apply a foundation suitable for your skin and fix it with a foundation in the same tones.
2- Apply the green eyeshadow around your eyes.
3- Refine your eye makeup with a green eyeliner.
4- Apply blush in pink tones in the middle of your cheeks.
5- Finally, apply gloss on your lips.


Wash up and get out!
You can do wonders in 5 minutes. Here are your tactics…

If you have long hair, try this model!
1- Separate your hair into sections.
2- Using a straightening iron, straighten the clumps that you have separated. It’s so simple!

To put on makeup
Make room for lilac and pink tones in your makeup bag, make a difference with your makeup!
1- Spread the lilac eye shadow on the mobile eyelid.
2- Sharpen your look with an eyeliner in the same tones.
3- With the black mascara that you will apply to your eyelashes, your look will be much more radiant.
4- Apply the blush in burgundy tones on the cheekbones!
5- Finally, when you put on a pink lipstick, your makeup is done.


cute curls
If you want to be both cute and remarkable, this style is for you!

Are you ready to light up your curls?
1- First, divide your hair into clumps.
2- Wrap the tufts that you have separated with thick pliers.
3- After waiting for a while, open it.
4- By running your fingers through your hair, you can give the clumps a natural look.

To put on makeup
If you want to have impressive looks, this makeup is for you!
1- If you don’t prefer to use foundation, apply the powder close to your complexion on your face.
2- Apply the lilac eyeshadow on the entire mobile eyelid.
3- Apply a light brown eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyelashes as if you were applying eyeliner.
4- Complete your makeup with a natural tone lipstick close to the color of your lips.


comfortable and stylish
If you do not give up comfort, try this model.

Messy but tidy hair in itself!
1- First, wrap your hair with thick clips and wait.
2- Gather your hair randomly with thin bobby pins, giving it a slightly messy look.

To put on makeup
1- First, apply the bright pink eyeshadow on the eyebrows.
2- Apply lilac-colored eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyelashes.
3- Refine your eye makeup with a black pencil that you will draw under and on the eyes.
4- Transform your eyes into a mysterious state with transparent colored mascara.
5- Complete your make-up with the gloss in pink tones.