Does time heal everything? Managing Difficult Emotions

You may have heard the saying “time will heal everything”, but is it true? There will be many times in our lives when our problems slip away from us and all we can do is wait. Time may not completely heal all of our emotional scars, but it can soothe them. Before time can run its course to do its part in healing, you must face your emotions and your emotional wounds.

Faced with the challenges

Any part of dealing with emotions is dealing with it, you can’t overcome something unless you’ve dealt with it head on. You can’t move forward if you back up and keep denying your emotions. Learn to record what got you this way and how it got you where you are. Coming out of denial is the hardest step to getting over anything, whether it’s trauma or grief, you have to face the reality of your emotions.

Time can only take its course if you let it. Start going out of your mind for a minute and doing exercises like writing down what you’re trying to overcome, how it makes you feel, and how you’re going to get over it. Denial can make us feel disconnected from reality, daydreaming about assumptions and possibilities. You can’t move forward sanely if you haven’t accepted it.

fan it out

Expressing your thoughts verbally or writing them down can be beneficial in managing them. Find a close friend or family member and talk to them if you feel comfortable enough to do so. Get their perspective on how you feel and let it all out. Don’t be ashamed to have a good cry while you’re at it, it’s healthier to get it out than to keep it locked in. If you don’t feel comfortable having a verbal vent, get some paper or even your notes app on your phone or computer and start writing. If you can, try to have frequent talks or writing sessions where you keep expressing your thoughts. After a while you will start to see a pattern in which you write or speak is more positive than negative.

Find ways to cope

You faced the problem head on and now what? Sadness, anger, betrayal and grief are all dealt with in their own way and there is simply no right answer for how you might deal with them. People find confiding in others to be an extremely useful coping tool, whether it’s venting and letting someone else speak their mind. Others might find that simply spending more time with friends and family can make them forget their own thoughts. Find a new hobby or activity you want to try, or work on skills you already know. Cope by creating art, food and expressing your creativity in this way. You may find that exercise helps you forget about life for a little while, and you cope by adding more of it to your daily routine.

There is no right strategy to deal with it, everyone handles life’s challenges extremely differently. One person’s solution may not work for someone else, only you can figure out what helps you cope.

Let it go

You’ve come this far and accomplished so much, you know you want to get rid of those horrible negative emotions that are holding you back, and you’re almost there. Now is the time to let go. Let go of everything you’ve been afraid of and let go of everything that causes you to feel that way. There’s no denying it will be difficult, but it’s something you need to do to give yourself time to heal. You will know when you are ready to let go and accept the path you are on. Let go of all the negative emotions you have struggled with and accept a fresh start and look at life.

What can prevent time from healing emotional wounds?

  • Holding grudges, you can’t move on if you’re stuck holding grudges that don’t benefit you in any way.

  • Always focused on negativity

After all the time and effort you put into getting rid of all that pain. It would become all for nothing if you are always focused on it. Healing isn’t linear, and that doesn’t mean that if you have the occasional emotion that comes back, you’ll mess up your emotional progress. This means that if you stay obsessed with the past, you will never move forward.

  • Do not allow yourself to “forgive and forget”

Forgive yourself or the person(s) who caused the pain. Allowing yourself to do this makes the healing process easier.

  • Looking back

If you remember a breakup or a loved one, it can easily rekindle those emotions and memories and the pain that you worked so hard to control and get rid of.

  • living in the past

You need to get out of this mindset of living in the past, the constant recalling of memories can only bring up bad emotions and negativity. Nothing can change the past

Time can only be a bandage for our emotional wounds, and we can only do our best to make the pain go away. The truth is, we can’t change the speed of time like we can’t change the speed of healing from physical injury. So, does time heal everything? The real answer is both yes and no. You can never get rid of emotional hurt completely, but time can make it less painful. As the days pass, it will become easier to forget.