modern day diseases

Computers, cell phones, mp3 players and air conditioners… They make our lives easier, but they also make us sick! Discover their damage and protect yourself from the diseases of the 21st century!

danger in hand
Mobile phones have already taken their place among the essentials of communication! We don’t leave it with us 24 hours a day. We carry it either in our pocket or in our bag or in our hands at all times. The closest area to this tool is our ears and head. This can cause serious disorders in our brain, eyes and ears. When you talk too much on the phone, the brain absorbs electromagnetic waves and sends false signals to the body. This, in turn, causes disorders such as diseases of the nervous system and memory impairment. Because there are four different EMF maps in our brain. When a new one is added to this area that works in coordination with each other, the order breaks down and things get confused! After a long conversation on the phone, you should notice that your ears start to burn like fire and you hear less for a few minutes when the conversation is over. Just as our sense of hearing diminishes when we are exposed to loud noise; We also experience sensory disturbances when exposed to a magnetic field, which is a type of noise. The same goes for the eyes. Experiments also show that accumulated magnetic waves cause visual impairment. Cell phone damage is not so great. Here are the others…
• According to the study by the World Health Organization, the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones compress the hormone “melatonin”. This causes certain chest diseases.
• Talking on the cell phone for a long time makes your heart beat faster.
• Harmful waves from cell phones cause sexual problems by damaging the testicles in men.
• The ions in the body are also affected by the mobile phone. This prevents the drugs taken from achieving their purpose.
• When a continuous message is sent, numbness, weakness, decreased mobility, muscle spasms, and needle-prick-like pain, especially in the thumb, occur.

Protect yourself

• Do not talk on a cell phone unless necessary, use a landline if available.
• Speak with headphones. Headphones reduce radiation, but not completely.
• Step away from your phone unless you intend to talk. Besides that, don’t put it on your bed while it’s charging!
• If possible, prefer telephones with antennas.
• Carry your phone in your bag, not in your pocket.
• Do not place the phone against your ear as soon as it rings, switch it on again after a few seconds. When calling a place, don’t hold it to your ear until the other phone rings.