My Best Nutritious and Easy Meals of 2021

When school gets overwhelming and difficult, cooking is what I look forward to. Eating nutritious and healthy meals is such an important part of being a student. Food is fuel and it is essential that you fuel your body with foods it feeds on. This doesn’t mean limiting yourself to certain food groups or certain foods you like, but rather, eating healthy means making sure every meal is filling. A satisfying meal is simple. All it needs is a source of protein, carbohydrates and fruits/vegetables. By including all of these food groups in every meal you eat throughout the day, you’ll find that you feel full longer and feel energized. These simple recipes are great for when you’re feeling lazy, but they’ll also keep your body well nourished.

A plate of salmon


Fish isn’t everyone’s favorite food, but it’s a great source of both proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. Although cooking salmon seems complicated, it is one of my favorite dishes that I can always rely on. After 15-20 minutes in the oven, your salmon will be ready to eat. I like to pair my salmon with broccoli, carrots and brown rice. But, these sides can be alternated, depending on what you fancy. For example, instead of brown rice, you can have sweet potatoes or pasta. Rather than having broccoli or carrots, you can have a side salad. All you need for a delicious and satisfying plate of salmon is a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

A burrito bowl


Like a salmon platter, burrito bowls are one of my favorite dishes. Making a protein source for this meal can be done in just ten minutes. I always pair ground turkey or chicken with rice and a bunch of veggies. This meal is loaded with nourishing ingredients that will keep you full for a long period of time. Whether you decide to have this meal for lunch or dinner, there’s plenty of room for freedom. And it’s a meal I never tire of. By easily being able to switch up the meat and vegetables, you’ll crave this meal more often than you might think.

A chickpea salad


It can be hard to imagine how someone could to really want to a salad. But, with the right toppings and the right ingredients, a salad can definitely be a satisfying meal with a source of protein, carbs, and fruits/vegetables. I tend to combine several kinds of vegetables, nuts, dried cranberries, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas to make a delicious salad that keeps me full for hours. I particularly like having this meal at lunchtime because it gives me energy for the rest of the day, while being light. There’s nothing worse than feeling lethargic and groggy after a meal. Food is supposed to give you energy, and meals like this are both delicious and nutritious.

A bowl of pasta


For some reason, pasta has gained a negative reputation over the years. But, remember, there’s nothing wrong with pasta, and there is certainly nothing wrong with carbs. It is rather important that your pasta is accompanied by other nutritious foods. Pasta by itself will not make a satisfying meal. But, by adding protein such as steak or chicken, along with whatever vegetable you desire, a healthy meal can easily be created.

I even like to make homemade pasta sauce, rather than using store bought sauce. Although it may seem unrealistic for many students with busy schedules, making your own pasta sauce can be quite easy, as long as you keep the ingredients to a minimum. I love mixing avocado, oil, herbs like cilantro, and a bunch of spices to make a comforting yet light sauce. Plus, sauces like pesto only require a few basic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Pasta is such a time saver when you have a lot of time-consuming homework and homework.

A loaded sweet potato


Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods. They are comforting and warm, but also very satisfying. A sweet potato on its own isn’t a meal, but by adding lots of different toppings, you can cook yourself an amazing meal with minimal effort. Once you are done cooking your sweet potato for about 40-50 minutes, stuff it with your favorite foods. I always add chicken, black beans, corn, and vegetables to my sweet potato.

What I love most about this meal is that I can put the sweet potato in the oven and then walk away. I don’t need to spend unnecessary time in the kitchen, hovering over the stove and waiting for my meal to cook. While the sweet potato is cooking, I can work on homework and homework.

A sandwich

Although a sandwich is an extremely common and simple meal, it is nonetheless filling. I constantly turn to sandwiches for a quick lunch. Sandwiches make it easy to have carbs, bread, and some kind of protein, which is usually turkey or ham. But feel free to use other meats, whichever you find tastiest. This meal also allows you to easily add fruits and vegetables. Not only can you have a side of fruits and vegetables, but you can also put lettuce inside your sandwich.

Whenever you’re short on time, a sandwich is a solution.

A bowl of chicken and quinoa


Chicken and quinoa are my favorite combination. Quinoa is notorious for being bland, but trust me, with the right spices and flavorings, quinoa can be a great and delicious source of carbohydrates. But tossing chicken and quinoa on a bed of lettuce not satisfy you like a meal should. Don’t forget to add your veggies, cheeses, nuts and more to not only flesh out this meal, but also make it enjoyable to eat.

Although it is difficult to prepare healthy and nutritious recipes as a student, eating well should be a priority for all of us. A healthy meal doesn’t have to be complex in any way. You can make a nice and nutritious meal with just a few ingredients. These recipes can easily be tweaked to incorporate the foods you love, and they’re here to help when you find yourself without a recipe in mind.