My Breast Reduction Story at 14: Asking My Parents and Doing the Operation

According to Dr. Dana K. Khuthaila, board-certified plastic surgeon, women who experience severe discomfort and have difficulty with their daily activities due to increased breast weight are good candidates for reduction surgery. breast. “Most women who have very large breasts complain of pain in the back, shoulders, neck and bra grooves on their shoulders due to the weight of their breasts. In young women, this could affect their posture and make it very difficult to play sports and even exercise.In extreme cases, some women experience rashes in the folds under their breasts, especially in extreme heat.

The beginning

Why did I undergo a breast reduction at fourteen, you will tell me? Well, I had several reasons, including my terrible back pain and having to order specially designed bras. This may be the hardest part for you and your wallet, as these bras ordered especially for me were $90. Yes, you heard me right 90 bucks for a bra.

The next step

The next step my family and I took was to talk to my doctor and surgeon. My family and I also talked about what I thought was right to do and what my surgeon thought was best for me. When my family and I went to see my surgeon, she was very confident that I could get breast reduction. She said we just had to get a doctor’s signature and I would be ready to schedule my operation. Waiting for the insurance company can be the hardest wait ever, I felt like mine took years to get back to my parents.

Surgery Day

My surgery date was June 20 and you might be wondering, was I nervous? And my answer was, of course, I’ve never been put on or even had surgery before that. I had never even had a blood test either. So it was a lot of firsts in a day and I was so happy that my aunt and my best friend were able to come and keep me calm through this process. Saying goodbye to my parents before the operation was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was really scared and almost backed off. It can be a really scary feeling, but just think about the outcome and how much better you will feel afterwards. That’s what my whole family told me before the operation.

Breast reduction surgery


My surgeon said it could take up to a month for me to get back to normal. But, surprisingly, it only took me two weeks to get back to normal. I wasn’t in much pain and was able to stop taking my painkillers that Thursday. My whole family was shocked at how quickly I bounced back. I was able to go to six flags after about two weeks and loved being able to do the rides without hurting myself afterwards. Mind you I just had quite a major operation so I had to take it easy and had to stop a few times and rest.

Do I regret having had the operation?

No way. I am so happy with my results and how I feel. I’m starting high school this year and it was important to me that we had the surgery before that so I wouldn’t be bullied because of my size. I also wanted to do it before high school to have confidence in myself and the way I dress because before the operation I only wore leggings and a loose t-shirt because those were the only things that suited me.

I really hope this helped you know whether you should have breast reduction surgery or not. I know that it is very important to do a lot of research before the operation. Believe me, that’s what I did for weeks or even months. I hope that if you have surgery, you will recover quickly and in good health after your operation. One thing I really recommend is that you take your time to recover because one wrong move can destroy all that hard work that you and your surgeon just went through. Take the recommended time off from work, school, and exercise, and rest.