summer care

Don’t let short hair, broken nails, misshapen eyebrows overshadow your beauty. Apply the emergency solution plans we have prepared for you, shine with your beauty all summer long!

a smooth complexion

If you want to have smooth, well-groomed legs, you need to take care of hair issues first. Here are some suggestions that will come in handy all summer long…

During hair removal

* When waxing, make sure the wax is not too hot.

* Do not use wax for very short hair.

* Try epilating at night.

* Do not expose yourself to the sun immediately after waxing.

* Do not use deodorant on the armpit area after waxing.

* After waxing, wash your legs with cold water to promote blood circulation. Do not forget to dry well and then apply a moisturizer.

When using an epilator…

* Move the epilator against the direction of hair growth.

* Massage your body after the bath with natural fibers to prevent the formation of hollows.

* Choose epilators with a “pain reduction” system.

Urgent solutions

status 1

Towards evening, your girlfriend called and said you were invited to a party tonight. So you don’t have time to wax and your leg hair doesn’t allow you to wear a dress…


Even if your hair is short, don’t worry. With foaming hair removal creams, you can get rid of unwanted hair in just 5 minutes.

Do not do that

Don’t think, “However, no one sees my legs at night”!

case 2

You went on vacation to your friend’s summer house and decided to extend your vacation a bit. But with the holidays, the hair on his legs also grows…


You can get rid of hair with hair removal creams or razors.

Do not do that

Don’t use your friend’s epilator. Because you can catch germs and then experience skin problems.

case 3

You have ingrown hairs in your pubic area and they look really bad when you’re wearing a bikini…


While showering, clean the area where peeling and incarnations occur by scrubbing. If you still don’t have an incarnation, try going to see a dermatologist.

Do not do that

Do not try to clean the puncture site with the needle. Since you cannot create hygienic conditions, your skin can become infected. This can cause you to run into bigger problems.


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