Things to Do on a Self-Care Night

After a long and exhausting day or week, we all want to treat ourselves to a night of self-care, where we stay in the present and have fun. But sometimes it’s hard to stop worrying about schoolwork due next week or a sports tournament you’re preparing for. Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is a break from our busy lives. Here are some activities to practice during a wellness evening.

Watch a binge show

Throw a blanket over yourself, lay your head against a soft pillow, and relax while watching your favorite show. Whether it’s a light comedy or a drama series, spend time immersing yourself in your favorite TV show. Inevitably, you may find yourself constantly thinking about things on your to-do list or how you’re wasting time watching TV instead of doing your homework. Although you might be easily distracted, try to focus only on the show at hand.

Some of my favorite TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and Friends give me a sense of comfort and security. Since I’ve watched both series multiple times to the point where I’ve practically memorized the dialogue between the main characters, seeing both series again fills me with joy and security.

Go out with the family

Even though self-care nights should most often be spent alone, as this will allow you to really relax, being around your loved ones can also be one of your self-care nighttime activities. Some of us thrive when we are around others. Being with the family can most certainly be included in your evening of personal care. But, for others, spending time alone is the only way to relax.

Disconnect from social media

The goal of a self-care evening can be different for all of us. For some, it may just be a matter of relaxing and distracting themselves from the stress they are experiencing, whether it is from school or their personal life. For others, a self-care evening may be the time they need to reflect on their hectic day or week. Whatever your reason for having an evening of self-care, you’re more likely to achieve your so-called goal if you ignore the “buzzing” sound of your phone and dozens of social media notifications. Using social media will only make it harder for you to have a night of relaxation and fun for yourself. Whether you need to leave your phone in another room or turn off notifications, push yourself to disconnect from social media.

Cook a meal for yourself

There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a delicious meal. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen making a complex recipe to enjoy your night. Instead, choose a manageable recipe and have fun in the kitchen. Remember, your self-care evening should be as serene as possible, so don’t be afraid to choose something simple to cook.

I always turn to pasta or loaded salads for a quick and easy meal.

To go for a walk

Although many struggle to find the motivation to exercise, doing low-impact exercises like walking will leave you feeling clear and calm. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with school and extracurricular activities, taking about ten to twenty minutes to walk around my neighborhood has proven to be a great way to deal with negative emotions. If that idea doesn’t sound appealing to you, consider going with a family member, friend, or pet.


Organization isn’t considered soothing to many, but for me it’s an escape from stress. Decluttering my bedroom cleans up the space around me and my mind. I realized that organization allows me to focus on one small thing at a time. I recommend playing some of your favorite music and organizing for as long as you want.

While these activities can certainly make your self-care evening more structured and hectic, it’s okay to just do nothing. Sometimes I don’t want to engage in any of these activities, but rather, I want to sit down and be present. Don’t be afraid to do nothing during your evening of self-care. Sometimes we forget how powerful doing nothing can be. We tell ourselves to keep going, keep going and keep going. One element of your self-care night should help you break that vicious cycle of wanting to do more.