Top 5 Tips for Clear Skin – How to Get Clear Skin

Isn’t it so boring when a new spot has popped up overnight and you’re suffering from a massive breakout from all that school stress? I know, I’ve been there. To help you conquer your skin quest, I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for clearer skin. Hopefully, these steps will not only clear your skin, but also make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence!

1. Drink water

Now for many of us this can be a chore it is very difficult to drink a lot of water but if you make the effort to have even a 500ml bottle a day it will end up being a difference. Water brings such a transformation to your skin, because your body flows on water, so the more hydrated it is, the more your skin will glow and look beautiful and luminous!

2. Eat healthy foods

Now that summer is here, fresh fruit looks so much more appealing because it’s so fresh and juicy. If you’re not the biggest fruit fan, eating more vegetables is also a good thing. Just improving your diet a little will help your skin and your whole body. Try to keep your diet balanced, if for snacks for most of the week you ate fruits or vegetables, treat yourself to sweet treats on the weekends, it doesn’t hurt to have treats from time to time !

3. Keep a good skincare routine

It’s totally okay to continue wearing makeup when trying to lighten your skin, as long as you’re using products that won’t hurt you even more. and moisturizing is fine if you use products that you think do things for your skin and work well with your skin. Use as many natural products as possible like tea tree oil and all-natural, vegan Lush products. Garnier is a very good drugstore brand for skin care because they do it for all skin types and all of their products are high quality and lovely.

Obviously, things that work for some people’s skin won’t work for others, your skincare and the way you take care of your skin should be personal and tailored to you. It should help you and bring out the best in your skin!

4. Have makeup-free days

No makeup days are good things to have, even having one a month is fine. Letting your skin breathe and letting the air hit it directly is a great way to cleanse it and make it healthier. Letting your skin get some sun also helps as long as you use an SPF so you don’t damage your skin, the sun can be a great benefit. Embrace the wonders of natural skin and love it!

5. Wash your face

It’s so important to do this, if you keep your skin clean, it will prevent bacteria from spreading and reaching blemish-prone areas and giving you more blemishes. This is definitely a key tip for clearer skin if your pores are clogged, spots are more likely to spread, so do it, even if nothing else appeals to you. It is certainly the most important.

That’s it for today’s article!

I love Eden xx