Indispensable for the home: Gigaset AS285

lowerWould you believe them if they told you that you could have a home phone that you would love as much as your cell phone?

Gigaset AS285 with answering machine records and stores messages for up to 12 minutes. Thanks to the answering machine which announces the date and time of departure, your friends can reach you even if you are not at home. With their illuminated screen, simplified menu and superior sound quality, the Gigaset A280 and AS285 add undeniable comfort to telephone conversations. These special phones, which are the perfect combination of gray and black, will serve as an accessory in your room. The Gigaset A280 and Gigaset A285 enable long calls without interruption, with talk times of up to 25 hours and standby times of up to 210 hours.

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