Nokia music revolution!

lowerThe new Nokia devices and services presented at Nokia World 09 open new doors to the social Internet and music experience. If you are wondering what it is, click now!

What is Ovi Lifecasting?

Opening the doors to future chapters of the personal and location-based Internet, Nokia announces its Ovi Lifecasting service, a partnership with Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Ovi Lifecasting is the first application that allows users to post location and status updates directly to their Facebook account from the home screen of a mobile device. Lifecasting goes beyond just posting an up-to-date status, it allows for deeper and closer relationships with people. This opens the door to new forms of communication, such as sending messages or status updates, or even locating a friend or location.

Lifecasting will first be available on the new Nokia N97 mini, the companion to the popular Nokia N97. Designed for social and style-conscious consumers, the Nokia N97 is a smaller laptop with sleek metallic details, a 3.2-inch sliding mini touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and a fully customizable home screen that makes it as unique as a fingerprint. The Nokia N97 mini offers a truly personal Internet experience in a compact device based on the original Nokia N97 design.

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