Sony Ericsson G705

lowerSony Ericsson G705 is a candidate to be the agenda of your digital life with its advanced photography, music and internet technology.

If you are looking for a ski cover design, a large scratch resistant screen and advanced features, we would say don’t buy a mobile phone without reviewing the Sony Ericsson G705.

Video call!
With the G705, you can pocket more than your home internet speed. In addition, with its dual camera, two screens open in front of you during videophone conversations and you see yourself in one and the other person in the other.

Geolocation on this phone
The phone’s built-in GPS determines its position very quickly via a satellite connection. This way you can view the photos you have taken on the map.

Advanced visualization
It is possible to capture any moment comfortably with the built-in 3.2 megapixel digital camera, which has an on-screen viewfinder, special menus and direct interaction with the viewing and recording functions. phone messaging.

** FM radio, video player, MP3 player, Bluetooth support are some of the other exciting features offered by the phone.