10 influencers to follow on Instagram to inspire you

OK, I don’t want to be the 7894th person to mention we’re in uncertain times and to tell you to go make banana bread. I’ve seen enough of that in the past few weeks. The truth is that I really feel a bit depressed about everything that happened. The ONLY thing keeping me sane is the influencers I connect to on social media. Honestly they provide a bit escape for all of this, for which I am always very grateful. All of the following work EXTREMELY hard to keep up with content creation at home, and they inspire me so much every day.

Content creators in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and fitness are as follows. Hopefully they will put a smile on your face, give you hope, and inspire you to do something new and exciting that you hadn’t thought of before. Or maybe they’ll just be that little bubble you can turn to for good HEALTHY content, because that’s what we’re all about at this point, right? !


Vic does an absolutely amazing job giving us beautiful intimate content, especially the mirror selfies and giving us insight into how she and Alex (her husband) handle working from home as a couple. She is absolutely MADE IT in the influencer industry and is admired by all! His personal elegance and stunning photos are a testament to his dedication to his work.

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I packed my shopping bag for the weekly trip to tesco. Violife cheese, red wine and Oatly barista milk, we’re picking you up 😘

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2) Olivia Purvis

Olivia (or Liv) recently published a book (The Insecure Girls Handbook) and is so on point! Her feed is absolutely AMAZING (loving the roses), and I especially enjoyed her stories, she’s very relatable. And, oh, if you love dogs (MAGGIE), definitely check her out.

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Pulling out the only proper dress for today (which doesn’t feature Haribo fried eggs thanks @joegalvin) 🍳🌼🍳🌼🍳🌼🍳🌼

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3) Mimosas and Manhattan (Courtney Seamon and Kelly McFarland – Fashion and Beauty)

Courtney lives in New York, Kelly resides in Los Angeles. They are cousins ​​and duo bloggers. Courtney is so funny, you should see the videos she posts. Kelly has an amazing voice, why isn’t she already a singer?! When the blogging cousins ​​aren’t posting their outfits or their latest beauty routine, one of them makes HILARIOUS videos and the other sings BEAUTIFULLY!

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……Me when I see people not social distancing | inspiration via @olivia_caputo ✨

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4) Sweats & The City (Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchhiver – Fitness and Health)

They met when they were roommates, both passionate about fitness studios. 4 years later, they made their brand an EMPIRE!!! Recently, they launched an online workout class program filled with amazing workout classes from a range of trainers and fitness studios. All you have to do is scan their stories and be greeted by an ever-growing list of courses.

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STAYING SAFE AT THE STUDIO/GYM DURING COVID-19. By now we all (unfortunately) know that CORONAVIRUS is a hot topic. It’s always important to stay hygienic (especially when working out), but obviously the alert level is at a high level right now, so we’re sharing some of our tips for virus prevention in the studio/gym ( or just in life): — ✔️ DON’T COME SICK TO THE GYM. “A given, but so many people are still trying to *sweat*. It is important for others (and for you) that you enjoy staying home if you are not well! ✔️ SANITIZE + WASH. — Especially before + after using any equipment. The front is often forgotten in studios! ✔️ DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. — Everyone knows not to touch your mouth, but the most sensitive places are the inner part of the eye, the ears and the nose. So be sure to keep your hands away from there too. ✔️ PROPER USE OF TOWELS. — Please don’t blow your nose in a towel, use a handkerchief and throw it away. Also avoid touching your face with towels. ✔️ INSTRUCTORS: Minimize props + physical assistance if possible. “It’s for your safety and that of others. Trust us, we love a good, practical fit, but right now, better safe than sorry. ✔️ INQUIRE. — Find out what your studio is doing to minimize the spread of germs. Many studios have sent out emails explaining how they are taking precautions. ✔️ USE WATER FOUNTAINS WITH CARE (WHERE APPLICABLE). — Most have a spout for your mouth and for your bottle. In our opinion, it’s best to avoid the mouthpiece completely and be careful not to touch your water bottle by the spout. ✔️ KEEP TISSUES ON HAND. — To avoid touching your face with your hands and sneezing uncovered. ✔️ GENERAL: Clean your frequently touched items. — What we mean: laptops, cell phones, household surfaces… these are often used and therefore very germ-spreading! ✔️ BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT. — like a yoga mat! ✔️ STREAM FROM HOME. — You can get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. ✔️ MOST IMPORTANT: Stress will only weaken the immune system, remember to take care of yourself. Equally important: this virus does not discriminate, so please do not discriminate against others! As always, treat others with kindness + respect ✊🏻. Any other quick tips? xx #sssweats

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5) Mariajblogs (Maria – Fashion)

Even though she’s stuck at home, Maria makes the most gorgeous content with inside, and her famous (read fake) the mirror selfies inspired a whole storm of people to follow. It’s basically posing with your phone in front of a camera…genius. Moreover, Maria is addicted to mac’n’cheese, which no one is going to discuss!

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#AD If I could live in sneakers I would, London born through and through.. the ONLY @reebokclassicseurope city approved shoes. These are the new Club C Doubles available from @officeshoes, with a sturdy design and a little leopard touch that goes so well with my neutrals! #REEBOK #CLUBCDOUBLE #OFFICElovesReebok

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6) Chelsea like recently (Chelsea H – Lifestyle)

WOW. Chelsea’s feed is downright cute, if you like pastels, what are you waiting for?! Honestly her photos are so so creative and you can see the level of thought she puts into all of her posts.

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Choose a mood, any mood😉😮😋#createasolate

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7) Arielle Vey (Photography)

If you need To give your phone a makeover (i.e. a new wallpaper), Arielle’s stream is the place to get one!!! Her photos consist of coral-colored flowers, scenic beaches…and her gorgeous home. Although we are all stuck in our respective places of residence, we can all take serious inspiration from within.

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Work in progress 🧡 Grateful for that corner by the window where I can paint and have margaritas on the fly 😏✨

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And some teen influencers to follow:

8) Charli d’Amelio

Charli launched TikTok in June 2019, it’s already April 2020 and she has 41 million followers on TikTok. (SAY WHAAAT?!) If there is one person who will entertain you, it will definitely be Charli! She’s also super active on Twitter…if that’s your thing!

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a girl and her cup of coffee (a love story)

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9) Piper Rockelle

Piper was an actress in the famous Mani de Brat series, and has since moved to YouTube to stir up a storm. Her fellow fans call themselves the #Piperazzi (which, if you didn’t know, is a cool version of the word paparazzi). She makes challenge videos and is also active on TikTok.

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See you tomorrow… @itsmelev 💕 TAG 5 friends you’d like to see tomorrow.

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10) Life with MaK (Makenna Kelly – ASMR)

If you like good ASMR, Makenna is the person to go to! She’s super bubbly and says she wants her ASMR roleplays on YouTube to be the gateway to her dream job: acting and modeling.

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Happy Saint Patrick!! comment as many “🍀” as you can! -and thanks to my grandma @allthingsdoxie for this t-shirt!! I love it!! ❤️

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OK, we have it. Influencers (whether teen or adult) who can inspire you and provide great content to help you through quarantine. There’s a whole range, from fashion to fitness and beauty to ASMR! If you’re considering becoming an influencer in the future, it’s always good to follow them to see what the fuss is about!

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day wherever you are. Tschüss!