10 steps to go viral on Tik Tok

Tik tok is everyone’s favorite pastime. It’s super easy to use and you can spend hours scrolling through skits and memes without even realizing it. It is also a great way to distract yourself from all that is going on and the current world situation, thus serving as a form of mental therapy for its users around the world. If you like making videos on tik tok, then it’s time to go viral! And here are some simple tips to help you.

1. Post regularly:

One of the keys to success is consistency. Once you’ve created your tik tok account, it’s time to get to work and start posting videos. Every famous tik tok star has something in common and that is volume. If you go to their pages you will see that they have made hundreds and thousands of videos which means they are constantly uploading some even free to upload each day.

You have to understand that no one knows you on tik tok (unless you are already famous or popular elsewhere), therefore the only way to get recognized on tik tok is to continuously post videos.

2. Stay up to date:

Another trick to going viral is to get updated. Follow the latest trend, know what people are doing, know what type of videos are getting a lot of attention at any given time, then grab that trend and create such videos.

The concept of following trends is that when a particular niche or video is trending, that is what people are looking for and therefore you have the opportunity to get your videos noticed as they fall under what people want to watch. at this particular moment. .

3. Use the right hashtags and use lots of them:

In addition to tracking what’s popular right now, you should also hashtag your videos. In this way, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function will be in your favor and your videos will be easier to find and may even have the privilege of being part of the “recommended” videos for other people.

Also make sure to use the right hashtags and use hashtags that are similar or related to the genre of the video you are uploading.

4. Be socially active:

Like and comment on other people’s videos, especially if they have a lot of views. You can also direct people to your page through your comments without being too obvious about it.

For example, if you see a mukbang challenge video of someone eating hot peppers, you can say something like “Great video. I also did a similar mukbang video but couldn’t handle a whole pepper so I used noodles instead, but I made them super cold“. Be sure to emphasize the difference like I did on the last two words. This could instantly capture anyone’s attention. Now people will come to my page to see how my spicy noodle challenge turned out. Clever, right?!

5. Capture your observers immediately:

It usually takes an average of three to eight seconds before someone skips your video if they don’t like it. This means that you have barely five seconds to impress and capture the attention of your viewers and keep them throughout the video.

Tik tok has a limited video length of fifteen to thirty seconds and that might not be a lot to express all your ideas but you should try to fit all your content into that space-time and also keep your audience in to look at. Audience retention is very important because usually when some people like your video, they will click on your profile to see more of your videos, which will benefit you.

6. Try to stand out:

Sometimes following the trend might not be enough to score you a good number of views, especially if your video is as simple and normal as the others. Make some minor tweaks to any trend you want to track. Since people hate seeing the same thing over and over again, your difference will immediately capture their attention and give you the publicity you crave. Let’s take the popular “don’t rush” challenge as an example. The majority used makeup brushes as a key tool. Try something different like using a hair comb or going astray and not looking aesthetically pleasing after the reveal.

Don’t rush challenge has been categorized using makeup tool as a magic weapon which when placed on camera lens and removed reveals the person more beautiful and gorgeous. Try looking at the opposite for a change, like looking normal to look worse. It is sure to spice up the trend and gain a lot of attention.

7. Focus on what you are good at:

Find out what you are good at and embrace it. If you’re good at comedy, do comedy sketches. If you’re good at music or dancing, recognize it. If you’re also good at reaction videos and lip-syncing, then go ahead and do your thing. Don’t get carried away by trends just because you want to go viral. Find your thing and work with it. If you’re good at recreating videos or just like to follow the trend, then do it.

There’s no genre of video on tik tok that doesn’t do well, so focus on what you do really well, own it, do it really well, and be known for it.

8. Watch Tik Tok videos:

Watching other tik tok videos is a great way to get inspired. It can also give you a brief overview of all the features available on Tiktok, especially if you are a new user. Watch highly viewed and recommended videos to find out what kind of videos people like to watch and also to follow the latest trends on the platform.

9. Edit your videos outside of Tik Tok;

Tik Tok is a great video editing app, but its features are limited. Try editing your videos with other apps before uploading to tik tok. There are so many great video editing apps on the Google Play Store and Apple Store and many of them have unlimited effects and filters that will make your videos stand out.

For iPhone users, iMovie is a very useful built-in application to create great videos. For Android, Inshot and Youcut are the best video editing apps for your Android.

10. Share your videos on other social media platforms:

Another way to get noticed on tik tok is to upload it to your other social media platforms. This is because when you share your videos other tik tok users on those platforms who don’t know you on tik tok will be able to see them and when they do they can start following you on tik tok or share your videos on their social networks and you get more views.

Moreover, when Tiktok sees that your video has a good number of views, they will assume that people like this content, so they will recommend your videos to even more people, thus increasing your popularity.

Finally, be aware that all of these tips apply differently to different people. What works for someone may not work for you, so be flexible and just try to have fun making videos on Tik tok. I hope you found these tips helpful!