10 tips to survive quarantine without going crazy

It’s so easy to get bored in quarantine. You may feel like you’re constantly eating, sleeping, and mindlessly scrolling through your phone. To make those days full of fun, here are some really fun and interesting ways to do it!

1. Learn new things

Some of us don’t usually prefer to read books, but it’s okay to try. I’m not just talking about school or academic books, but there are still several interesting books to read. You can search for them online like archive.org/details/texts. There are many other online book reading websites. Also, there are books like: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “Harry Potter”, “Murder on the Orient Express”, “O’Henry 100 Selective Stories”, etc., which are quite fascinating to read. . Also, some of the subjects based on which books can be found are – “Science-Fiction”, “Horror Story”, “Comics”, “Crime Stories” and so on. You can acquire books from the library or read many books on Kindle. Again, if you don’t have a Kindle e-reader, you can always download it from the Play Store or the App Store. Reading books does not always mean constantly accumulating information. It’s just a way of using leisure and refreshing our minds.

2. Craft Craft Items

There are various exquisite and creative things to do, such as making different things with polymer clay, decorating your room, DIY crafts, etc. will give you ideas. If you have a craft book, you can learn different crafts there or watch tutorials directly on YouTube.

3. DIY your room

It is known to all that even sometimes we want to do things but because of a lack of ideas, we can’t do it. If you want to make your bedroom more beautiful, search and collect ideas on Pinterest or Google and choose the perfect design that matches your style and makes your bedroom the way you want. I promise you it will be so much fun and you won’t even be bored.

4. Exercise more

Exercise is very important to do. Being quarantined can become a big obstacle in your daily life, which can make you unhealthy gradually. Keeping in shape is very important. So if you can’t go outside, you can exercise at home. Just follow the regular exercises and that will be enough. Don’t try to do anything extra at home as it can be dangerous. You can also do calisthenics, push-ups, or middle lunges that will keep your body flexible no matter how long you stay home. If you have a treadmill in your home, I strongly recommend that you walk or run on your treadmill because walking is an important exercise in our daily lives.

5. Make drawings and paintings

The drawing increases the passion. If you can’t draw, that’s okay, but I strongly suggest you try it once. If you don’t have any ideas, search the web for some or just do whatever comes to your mind. You will do just fine. Not only does it increase your passion, but it’s also a great way to pass the time.

6. Watch movies with your family

Everyone loves to watch movies. It’s really fun and entertaining to watch. But due to our daily activities, we rarely have time to watch them. However, now that you’re in quarantine, it’s your chance to watch as many movies as possible. You can watch many interesting movies on Netflix or also on iMovie or iTunes because most movies are not available on Youtube. However, you can watch many series on youtube like “Chicken girls” or can watch short films like “The girl without a phone” or “Total Eclipse”. They are really fun to watch. Again, if you want, you can also download free movies from here: https://www.tech21century.com or from “Utorrent” app.

7. Try indoor gardening

You cannot leave your home in quarantine without special or important reasons. It is therefore obvious to feel bored. Some of us like to garden, but can’t even go out in the yard because of the restrictions. But who said you had to stop doing what you love? You can’t go outside but you can plant your favorite plant inside your house. Indoor plants are as beautiful and fresh as outdoor plants. But if you prefer to garden outside, I guess it’s better to wait until the quarantine is over.

8. Make plans for the future

I know very well that you don’t have many plans when you are in quarantine, but since you have this time, so why not convert this time by making it better? Although I guess most of you have already done your yearly plans but if you haven’t done it already you can do it between these days.

9. Bake

Many of us like to cook in our spare time, which is also a lot of fun. You can try different kinds of new cooking recipes. Again, you can also make cakes, cookies, chocolates, etc. If you don’t have a recipe book, just collect it online or you can also watch tutorials on YouTube.

10. Arrange rooms and study

As you have enough time for this quarantine, you can always try to make the best use of it. You can organize your drawers, cupboards, shelves, clean and vacuum our furniture and categorize it. You need to keep them clean and organized.

Do your homework, take notes, and at least try to get your plans done. If you complete these tasks sooner, it will be easier for you to complete your school/college program.

Not only will they help you later, but it will also prepare you for your upcoming exams.

Although you already have a lot at home and a lot to occupy yourself with, not everyone can stay home without going out. Everyone needs to communicate with their friends, family, loved ones and other people. If you miss them, faceTime them or text them and hope you feel good after talking with them.