14 action and adventure books to consume right now

Action-adventure books and excessive reading go hand in hand. It’s all science: an exciting, fast-paced story gets your blood pumping and your adrenaline pumping, keeping your eyes glued to the pages as you skim through them. If that sounds like your kind of weekend getaway, here’s a list of action-adventure books to hustle right now, each of them the kind of engrossing, unmissable thrills that’ll keep you reading late into the night. the night.

1. Coraline

Neil Gaiman’s first novel for all ages will take you on an incredible adventure and make you question what you wish for. Follow Coraline on the adventure of exploring the other world, in which she has another mother and father to care for her, unlike in the real world. As the reader uncovers the secrets of this world, they can’t help but be drawn into the mysterious yet entertaining story of Coraline.

2. City of Beasts

The Amazon holds many secrets and creatures that go undiscovered, but Alexander Cold and his adventurous grandmother decide to take it upon themselves to document a monster of the Amazon known as the Beast. Plans don’t go as planned once Alexander and his new friend Nadia uncover secrets that take them on an exciting journey that will lead them to many discoveries. This first volume of a trilogy will captivate you and make you want to stuff yourself with the whole trilogy at once.

3. Continue

Follow Simon Snow as he tries to be a better Chosen, because he’s probably the worst Chosen ever. Despite being the Worst Chosen Ever, he must defeat a child who wears his own face and tries to destroy magic while at the same time worrying about his missing evil roommate who is probably plotting a way to kill Simon. To chase is a novel with ghosts, adventure, non-stop action, friendships, mysteries and a beautiful love story.

4. The Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan’s first book in one of his most popular series; Percy Jackson and the Olympians tells the story of a child who one day believes he is normal and the other finds himself on a cross-country adventure with a satyr and a demigod to prevent a war between the Greek gods from occurring. This novel will take the reader on a hilarious adventure that will leave him hungry.

5. Ash

Cinder follows the epic story of a cyborg who must protect the world from space evil. After Cinder, a gifted cyborg mechanic, meets Prince Kai, her forbidden attraction interferes with the country’s future. Due to her relationship with the Prince, she discovers various secrets that will help save the Earth from the Lunar People who plan to strike the world. His mysterious past is the key to saving Earth’s future. This Cinderella the narrative not only includes action and sci-fi, but includes romance every VSinderella the story is not complete without.

6. The Cruel Prince

Follow Jude down the path to find out where his loyalty stands. Abducted from the human world as a child by her parents’ murderer and taken to the fairy world, Jude wonders if she should desire as much as she does to belong to the fairy world, for that is the reason for which his family was murdered. Betrayal, romance, and espionage are just a few of the blood-sucking things in this book.

7. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

Follow the four most beloved siblings on the adventure that started it all… Fleeing war, the Pevensies are sent to the home of a strange old man. In a wardrobe, the siblings find an entrance to a magical world. In this world, they embark on a quest to free it from a witch who has ruled it for years. This book is the definition of action and adventure that will have you reading all night long.

8. City of Bones

When you go out in a club you expect at least to witness a murder and even less to be the only one to see it. Clary Fray’s life was a lie, she always thought she was normal. All it took was one encounter with a murder by a group called the Shadowhunters to find out who she really is. With so many changes happening all at once, Clary’s mother mysteriously disappears, so Clary sets out to find her lost mother, but more importantly discovers who she really is.

9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is probably one of the best known adventure books. Follow Alice on an adventure in which she encounters interesting and somewhat strange characters along her journey. Each of the characters in this book teaches you something and that’s one of the great things about this book. Although this book is entertaining, it is good to take your time to read it and learn something from it because the book always offers something new to learn.

10. The Princess Bride

From revenge to kidnapped wives to romance, this book has it covered! Rich in comedy, this book tells the story of Buttercup and Westley’s romance. After Westley’s ship he was traveling in is attacked and Buttercup believes he is dead amid her sadness, she agrees to marry Prince Humperdink. Being the future princess can have its perks, but it also comes with its risks, like being kidnapped by men who fear chaos…

11. Loan player one

2045…the world is suffering from global warming and an energy crisis and the only place to escape is the Oasis. The creator of the Oasis recently passed away and he hid his fortune and the keys to controlling the Oasis somewhere inside. The way to get there is to follow several Easter Eggs he left there. Wade Watts wants to find the prize, but he’s not the only one looking for it…

12. The Hunger Games

North America became another country called Panem. Panem was divided into 12 districts after the outbreak of war. Each year, to commemorate the war, each district must send a boy and a girl to an arena to fight for their lives. After Katniss volunteers for her sister who is chosen to fight, she must accept her death sentence unless she fights her way to victory in Hunger Hames.

13. Saga

The comic Saga tells the story of two soldiers from opposite sides who fall in love. Now they have to bring a baby into a world that may not accept it, and they have to deal with the dangers that entails.

14. The Water Dancer

Ta Nehisi Coate first novel tells the story of a young man born into slavery during the Antebellum South and the journey he takes to be able to find his mother. Hiram Walker has a photographic memory but is unable to remember his mother who was sold. When his car fell into the water, he saw his mother, then he was saved by magic. After discovering what he is capable of, he goes on a journey to save his family.