15 random acts of kindness you should be doing right now

It’s always nice to receive kindness, but it’s just as heartfelt and wonderful to do the work for others. The world always needs more kindness – and today I challenge you to perform a random act of kindness, no matter how simple or small.

1. A nice compliment

Compliments are the easiest and easiest method to brighten up anyone’s day.

There’s such a wide range and variety of ways to give someone a positive thought – maybe they’re wearing a dazzling outfit, or maybe their new haircut looks great! Anyway, say something nice to them, it will make them happy.

Food for thought: just a reminder that you don’t have to compliment someone you know very well. It could be a completely random person, or someone whose face you might know, but whose name can’t match. It can be anyone and everyone!

2. Stay in touch

A simple text, email, or telling someone in person (although, safe given the current pandemic situation) is a great way to boost anyone’s mood.

Ask them how they are, how their day was, or just that you miss them. Tell them you’d like to stay in touch and show them you care. Better yet, if you are able, consider making a real-time virtual call.

3. Cheerful Post-its

Giving a kind note is a simple idea you can do in minutes: take a sticky note and write a short, sweet message. Stick it on the person’s desk, locker, really anything and wait for a smile to bloom on their face!

Out of ideas what to write on the sticky note? Do not worry; below are some ideas – feel free to use them as needed!

You are important. I worry about you. I love your smile! You count. I think you are amazing.

Also, think about adding little drawings and doodles on the side to give it extra specialness.

4. The drive-thru chain

You may have seen this online or on social media; the Drive-Thru chain of positivity is when the person in front pays for the person behind them who ordered in the drive-thru chain. The person who was behind who had their item paid for by the front would then pay for the person behind them. Then the chain would continue so on.

If you can, consider being the one to start the chain! That might make someone smile today.

5. A reason why

What is one of the reasons you care about a particular person?

Whether it’s their hilarious humor, their surefire ways of supporting you, or just their presence itself, there’s always a reason for everything. Tell them what makes them so special to you – I can promise you it will make them incredibly happy.

6. Thank you letter

Writing a letter, especially handwritten letters, can be very meaningful.

If it’s a random act of kindness that interests you, I encourage you to write someone a letter thanking them. Your letter of gratitude can be addressed to anyone – perhaps the local fire station, your teachers, the postman or the local librarian – and you would write to express your thanks.

7. Care packages for those in need

if you’re thinking of ways to give back to the community, care packages are a great idea.

Comprised of essential and heartfelt kits, care packages are a wonderful way to show your love. Such examples would be a hygiene pack or a hot meal for those in need, or a bag full of goodies and trinkets to cheer someone up.

If you are wondering who these care kits can be sent to, you may be able to send them to the local homeless shelter, nursing home, or children’s hospital.

8. Throw out the litter

It’s heartbreaking to see trash everywhere on our planet. An act of kindness to the earth and your community would be to organize or participate in a cleanup – or simply pick up and throw away trash whenever you see one.

9. Bouquets of flowers

Flowers are beautiful, and it’s a sure way to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Floral arrangements can be found at your local florist or simply at the grocery store. You can also get creative and arrange a bouquet yourself to gift someone.

10. Read a story aloud

The books are filled with wonder and a lot of meaning – consider reading a story aloud to share with someone.

Whether it’s your brother or sister, your grandparents, or a group of young children at the library, you could read them a story they will cherish and enjoy.

11. Forgive and Correct

Sometimes letting go is the best thing to do. Forgiving and apologizing can help take the weight off your shoulders.

You may be hesitant to reach out and be the one to start this change, but it may very well be worth it. Making amends may be the act of kindness you need to do today.

12. Offer to do it for free

If someone needs a quick service, like babysitting or dog walking, offer to do it for free, if you’re available to do so.

Your simple act of service can help someone — and is sure to be an act of kindness that will spread some love and positivity.

13. Be creative with art

If you are a talented artist or enjoy creating art as a hobby, consider gifting your work to someone.

You could even create a personalized piece to brighten someone’s day!

14. Feedback Support

If you’ve ever come across a local small business or restaurant that you liked, consider giving them a glowing review. This not only shows that you had a positive experience, but also helps their business.

Also, be sure to tell the owner/chef your love for their work, if you can!

15. Tell them you love them

Last but not least, tell them you love them.

It is very meaningful, and life should be lived with love. This short phrase can really warm people’s hearts.

Also… Take care of yourself too

Plus, be sure to take care of yourself too. You are important and you deserve to take care of yourself!