17 types of journals that will keep your life organized

A journal is a record of your thoughts, experiences, and opinions. You can keep a journal to write about your daily activities or make lists of literally anything. It’s like a collection of your ideas, they can be personal or general, additional or basic, it all depends on what you want it to be. Journaling can be like a hobby for some, if it’s not yours, it’s okay to try, who knows what you might find. Remember, there is no right way to do this.

To add a good look to your journal, you can always use washi tapes, stickers, magazine clippings, printouts, colored pens, and whatever you want.

Here are some types of journal ideas you might be interested in:

1. Book Diary

A book diary can be about your review of a certain book or the list of books you might want to read at any given time (like a TBR list). You can even use it to jot down your favorite quotes or lines to read them again later. If you are a big book reader or love to read and get people to read a book because you liked it so much, then this might be the journal you want to try.

2. Music Diary

If you’re learning to play an instrument or write a song, this might be the journal you should start working on. You can write about the songs you learn or listen to or even create a playlist. Writing down your daily practice sessions can help you learn an instrument in no time. Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can create a music journal to write about your favorite genres, bands, and musicians.

3. Periodical journal

A period diary can be used to track your monthly cycle, flow, and emotional symptoms. It can help you plan your activities and trips by recording your mood throughout a month. It can also help predict your mood for the next month’s cycle. Tracking your period can help you remember certain details in front of your doctor. It can also remind you of your activities during that time of the month.

4. Bullet Journal

In a bullet journal, you use bullet points as the basic structure when taking notes. It can be used to write down the things you don’t want to forget. It can be used to take notes in meetings, lectures and classrooms. Being creative in not forgetting them varies from person to person. It can be any way you want it to be. Not only that, but you can use it to save your goals, plans, and to-do lists.

5. Food/recipe diary

This diary can be used to record your daily eating habits. You can write about a meal you ate or a meal you missed. Plus, you can write down any recipes you’d like to try, because handwritten recipes are more sincere than digital recipes, right? It can even be used as a gift for a friend.

6. Poetry Journal

A poetry journal is quite easy to keep if you are a budding poet or a poetry lover. You can jot down your poetry ideas in the journal so you won’t forget them later, or you can write down your favorite poems to read whenever you want. If you want, you can even write about your favorite poets.

7. Travel diary

A travel diary can be about the places you have visited, you can write about your experiences. It can be a collection of your adventures and memories. You can even make a list of places you want to visit. It can be new things you learn on your journey or hidden places you find. It may even be your route.

8. Art Review

An art journal has a lot of color and creativity. Art journals can contain a lot of written stuff or just collections of pictures and drawings. Keeping an art journal can be a form of creative self-care. It can help experiment with creativity without fear of ruining a design. You can make mistakes, and still create ART.

9. Workout Log

This type of log can help you track your exercise routine and fitness history. One can write down the exercises you like to do and the diet you like to follow while working out every day. You can even make a planner for something you’re trying to accomplish by exercising.

10. Language diary

A language diary can be very useful when learning a new language. One can write about their daily learning steps and fun and easy ways to learn new words. Set goals for yourself to learn certain words within a time limit and you’ll be multilingual in no time. Learning can be fun if you let it.

11. Cinema Review

It can be used to rate one’s cinematic experience and review. One can write about his favorite movies, his favorite dialogues and even his favorite scenes from the movie. You can make a list of movies watched or movies to watch. This journal is for those who enjoy watching and talking about movies.

12. Coffee Diary

This diary can be a record of your favorite coffee stories, like your favorite coffee, the best coffee you’ve had, and even the type of coffee you like the most. These can be the places you went just to try the coffee or the places you would like to go. You just can’t start your day without the perfect cup of coffee, can you?

13. Garden/Plant Journal

This journal is best for those who like to maintain a garden in their backyard. It can be used to track when seeds were planted, harvest dates and the type of pest control used. One can plan the layout of his garden in this diary and keep track of the seeds he sows. This can help determine what type of plants grow best in their garden.

14. Photo Diary

A perfect way to store memories and even write stories next to them to remember all those times. It doesn’t have to be a big event, it can be small everyday occurrences that make you smile just thinking about it. Like a photo album, but a step up.

15. Personal diary

It can be anything you want. You can write your daily diary entry or literally talk about anything you want to talk about. It can be a journal of his experiences and ideas. It can be used to keep track of one’s feelings and mood.

16. Mythology Diary

A mythology journal can be very useful if you are interested in learning crazy facts about mythology and knowing the awesome powers of the gods. Dig deeper into Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Indian mythology and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

17. Gratitude Journal

It can be used to write down the things you are grateful for in your daily life. It can range from the little things that give you happiness to the big gifts that make you dance for joy. You can write about the time your loved one did something special for them or the time they found a dollar in their jeans pocket. We should be grateful for everything we have.

Finally, don’t feel like these are the only types of journals, A JOURNAL CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE. It can contain anything you want to record. Feel free to get inspired and start journaling, you’ll know it can be one of the best forms of self-care.