Start reading like Rory Gilmore with these quick tips

If books are foreign to no one, really to profit from a, for many, this is often the case. At school, we only see reading as something we strength to do, and therefore, we see it as a burden and a chore rather than something we can truly enjoy. Additionally, the proliferation of various forms of social media and online entertainment has led people to wonder why they would choose to sit and flip through pages and pages of words for hours on end rather than watch a movie that they could see and hear unfolding in front of them.

However, perhaps this is because reading increases your general intelligence, because of a desire to improve your memory, or because you just watched Emma Chamberlain’s “Reading Makes You Hot” video, people are still wondering if they like to read. On this list, you will find, in no particular order, ten great tips to get started in recreational reading as a non-reader!

“I think books are like people, in that they will show up in your life when you need them most.” -Emma Thompson

1. Find BookTok

The fact that TikTok has taken the world by storm is indisputable. Most teens have found themselves scrolling through the app at some point in the past couple of years. Since TikTok often shows you videos that match your own likes and dislikes, people who share the same interests often form small communities. Well, BookTok is the resident committee of TikTok that revolves around a love for books. Here you will find long-time authors and readers who will provide you with book recommendations, ratings and opinions, often in unique and intriguing ways. By searching for her hashtag, you’re sure to find a friendly community eager to help you find a great read!


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2. Read reviews on Goodreads

Goodreads is the #1 app where you can receive book recommendations, read it synopsis of any story you choose, and create a listing books you have read and want to read. But the most important are the ratings. People like you who have read the work you are interested in have the opportunity to rate it on a five-star basis and rate their personal thoughts. It’s a great way to get thousands of opinions on the same book in one place.

3. Find a genre that interests you

Of course, not all plot types are universally appealing. Some people love fantasy, while others despise it. The same goes for coming of age, sci-fi, romance, horror, mystery, etc. Try reading this list of 35 popular genres and see if anything catches your eye. While it’s possible to enjoy genres you were initially sure you would hate, chances are that new readers stay in their favorite genre or genres at first. While results aren’t 100% guaranteed, you should definitely try this Buzzfeed quiz or Playbuzz quiz to find the genre that’s right for you!

4. Try to find an “aesthetic” to integrate into

I know this may sound strange, but placing yourself in the world of your favorite aesthetic could most likely make reading much more interesting and engaging. Whether it’s cottagecore, dark academia, indie or something completely different, incorporate the reading into it and live it! It’s a perfect way to using books as an escape and make you feel like the main character of any story you would like.

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5. Find light and easy reading

It cannot be denied that some texts are much heavier than others. Often, a book that is too hard to digest can bore readers and turn them away from books for a long time. If you’re new to reading, try to find books with plots and writing styles that are not too complex. Reading should be Natural and welcoming for you, not frustrating and indecipherable!

6. Designate a time to read and take breaks

When reading, it is important to manage your time wisely. We can’t always rely on our daily motivations to get up and read. Sometimes we have to get away a little. Set a specific time in the day or week to make an effort to sit down and relax with a good read. It will definitely help you develop a reading habit and maintain it for the long term. Even if you are very interested in history, don’t forget to take quick breaks! Reading for long periods can strain your eyes and make you feel a little dizzy, so try to rest for a few minutes at regular intervals.

7. Try adaptations

Do you have a favorite movie that you found out was actually based on a book? Reading something with a plot that you know you enjoyed can definitely help increase your interest and engagement. If you’re not sure which movies you might have watched and enjoyed that were actually based on the plot of a book, this Buzzfeed list or this BookBub list might possibly help you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find that the book was better than the movie (as is often the case)!

8. Read for passion

Sometimes we can be so determined to read that we may not realize we’re doing it for the wrong things. Absolutely avoid reading for pretentious reasons or because your parents or friends pressure you to do so. Instead, read because you want have fun, learn something new, or simply escape for a few moments. Only then can you truly appreciate the value of a good story.

9. Take your time

Avoid trying to finish a book so quickly that you can barely understand and appreciate the plot and the writing! Often the desire to finish a book stems from impatience to see what happens, the desire to simply check the title of your reading list, or the pressure to follow a peer reading the same piece. Be patient with yourself and read at your own pace.

10. Turn off your phone

Eliminate distractions while reading is certainly important. Of course, the #1 distraction is almost surely your phone. When a notification pops up, we often can’t help but take a look. Even just knowing that your phone is right next to you, ready to accommodate hours of mindless social media scrolling, can cause you to put your book down and forget about it. Turn off the phone and give history your undivided attention, even if only for a short time.

In conclusion…

Reading has more benefits than you think and it’s an incredibly productive way to spend your time. Hopefully these tips have been helpful and at least slightly renewed your motivation to read. After all, you scrolled this far in the article for a reason! If you haven’t started reading yet, great! There is a book for everyone, and you just need to find yours. Once you do, it’s sure to be lifestyle change.