What to do if your summer plans have been canceled

Plans, plans and more plans. As humans, we are organization-oriented creatures. Yet, in the midst of this global pandemic, these plans are constantly challenged. Whether it’s your holidays or the cancellation of your summer courses or internship, this summer is unequivocally turning out to be very different from what we initially imagined. Change is not a bad thing, however.

Here are some great alternatives for a summer indoors

1. Training

While you won’t be able to show off your summer body this year, exercising is a great way to keep yourself busy and boost your self-esteem during an indoor summer. During the tumult of a global pandemic, staying active is essential. Thousands of gyms around the world ensure this. The options are endless.

YouTube has a variety of workouts that one can easily follow. MadFit, ChloeTing, Natacha Océane and Alexis Ren are just a few of the YouTubers who offer easy-to-follow 10-20 minute workouts that don’t require any equipment and can be easily done at home. From my personal experience, I can truly guarantee that these workouts and challenges will help you reach your fitness goals in no time!

For those looking for a more personalized workout plan, apps like FitBit, Nike Training Club, FitOn, and 8fit are great options. Apps like these offer hundreds of online workouts that target every muscle group, personalized training programs, and even meal planning, either for a small subscription or completely free.

2. Voluntary

Whether you’re a high school student looking to boost your community service hours for college or just want to help those in need, online volunteering is a great alternative to pursue if your summer plans have been canceled.

Due to the virus outbreak, most summer internships are cancelled. For high schoolers who were planning to volunteer or do an internship over the summer to boost their college applications, this may seem like a disaster. However, online volunteering can also enrich your application and set you apart from your dream university. There are many platforms that offer online volunteering, some of which are:

UNV Online Volunteering:

UNV Online Volunteering is a branch of the United Nations aimed at improving global conditions by addressing issues such as sustainable development, peace and developments. These platforms give people around the world the opportunity to take action on global issues, in any way possible.

Writing and editing, art and design, outreach, advocacy and translation are just some of the areas in which UNV seeks volunteers. By accessing their opportunities page, you can select the opening that suits you based on the hours required per week, the necessary skills and the nature of the project.


For students interested in virtual tutoring, Teensgive is a great option. Teensgive is an online platform, where high school students can apply to become tutors and help their peers with their schoolwork. By engaging in online tutoring, you can use your skills to provide relief to struggling students.

Create the good

Create the Good is a platform offering a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Depending on your skills and the time available, you may find volunteer positions that suit your interests. With thousands of options available, you’re sure to find the opportunity that’s right for you!

3. Take an online course

Traditionally, many high school students attend the various pre-college programs offered by universities during the summer. This year, most of these programs are cancelled. Still, that doesn’t mean you still can’t take college classes during the summer. Online courses can be conducive to broadening your horizons from the comfort of your own home. Here are some online course providers you might want to check out:


Coursera offers a wide selection of courses including over 3900 courses and specializations. Working with leading companies or institutions like Google, Stanford, and UPenn, Coursera lets you earn industry-recognized credentials without even having to leave your home. Ranging from the arts to information technology, Coursera offers great courses in every area.


With over 40 million users worldwide, Udemy is a platform where respected people from every field share their expertise online, for a low fee.

Some similar pages are edX, Open Culture, Future Learn and Class Central.

4. Take care of yourself

Face masks, face masks and more face masks. Being overwhelmed by our stressful lives, we all often complain about not having enough time for ourselves. With all plans canceled, this summer is your opportunity to put yourself first.

Self-care comes in many different forms. Here is a list of some ideas you can try at home:


Meditation is conducive to emotional reformation and health and can be considered one of the best forms of self-care. Take advantage of this summer to deal with your anxiety, to improve your self-awareness, to lengthen your attention span, while meditating only 15 to 20 minutes a day. Apps such as HeadSpace, Calm, and Sattva offer guided meditations with themes ranging from Meditation 101 to targeted meditations on sleep, anxiety, guided imagery, mantras, and more.

Bullet Journal:

Bullet journals are both a beautiful and effective way to track your daily habits. Start tracking your daily mood, the books you’ve read, your favorite songs, your goals. All you need are a few colored pens, washi tape, your journal, and a bit of creativity.

Here are some fun ideas for bullet journal pages:

  • travel tracker
  • Favorite recipes
  • 30 before 30
  • Songs’ lyrics
  • Fashion Favorites
  • Year in pixels
  • date ideas
  • bedtime stories
  • facts about me
  • Wait on…
  • playlist of my life
  • Family Calendar
  • Movie and TV ratings
  • water tracking
  • 100 calorie snacks
  • Holidays

    simpler ideas

    Here are some simpler ideas you could try to fit into your daily routine this summer: treat yourself to a manicure, spend an hour a day reading, take a 10-15 minute walk, stargaze, and maybe even hold a daily newspaper.