Learn to love better: what love language do you speak?

Love languages: what are they exactly? A language of love Express How we receive love others. The 5 love languages ​​are words of affirmation, physical contact, quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts. Learning your love language and that of those around you can help you create stronger and deeper relationships.

Words of affirmation

When it comes to words, you need to be very careful about what you say, especially when you’re with someone who has this love language. Words will really mean a lot to them, maybe even more than your actions. People with this love language enjoy the compliments because it makes them feel loved. On the other hand, receiving insults and negative comments makes them feel hurt, and it may take them more time and effort to recover.

How to show it:

  1. Show your appreciation

  2. Affirm them with compliments

  3. Be authentic and creative with your words

  4. Actively listen


Your outfit is superb.

I love you so much.

You are so pretty today.

I am so grateful to have you in my life.

You inspire me.

physical touch

Physical contact with people they love is very important to those who have this love language. It helps them feel more related with the person. They love hugs, kisses, hand holding and more. Physically demonstrating your love to this person is important; if you don’t, they may feel lonely or unloved.

How to show it:

  1. Use your body language and touch to express your love


  • Surprise them with a hug from behind

  • Sit close to the person

  • Cuddle while watching TV

  • Hold their hand

  • Give them a massage after a long day

    quality time

    Undivided attention is very important for those who have this love language. They like to know that those around them listen to them, care about what they say, and understand how they feel. Any activity is great, as long as you dedicate that time to them without distractions.

    How to show it:

    1. Spending time together without interruption

    2. Focus all your attention on the person


    • Go on a hike

    • Plan a road trip/weekend

    • Watch your favorite movie together

    • Leave your phones behind and talk about meaningful topics

    Acts of service

    Shares speak louder than words. People with this love language prefer to be shown that they are loved through actions rather than words. They really appreciate people going out of their way to make their lives easier. Little things like making them coffee, putting away the laundry, or walking the dog mean a lot.

    How to show it:

    1. Use action phrases

    2. Do things without asking


    let me do this for you

    Today I made… for you

    I got you covered

    • Make them breakfast in bed

    • Help them with a project they are working on

    To receive presents

    People tend to assume that this love language is materialistic, but that’s not true. People with this love language feel loved and appreciated when they receive significant and reflexive gifts. The kindness of a gift means more than its dollar value. They usually take birthdays, anniversaries and holidays very seriously.

    How to show it:

    1. Put effort and thought into your gifts


    • Buy them a book they wanted to get

    • Get their favorite treat from the store

    • Create a homemade gift

    • Give them your time and attention

    Everyone portrays and evaluates love in their own way. Knowing your love language is a great tool to help you communicate your emotional needs to those around you. If you’re still not sure what your love language is, you can take this quiz to help you find out!

    Thumbnail made by Alison Czinkota