10 Easy and Cheap Summer Fits for Hot Girls

It’s that time of year again, it’s hot girls summer. No, it’s not just a Megan The Stallion song! It’s about looking good. Easier said than done sometimes, right? Hot Girl summer is about more than looking good, it’s about feeling good about what you’re wearing and the energy you radiate from it.

Get out of your comfort zone and let go! Stop worrying about what other people think of you and wear what makes you feel good, confident and ultimately…sexy! It can be hard to create killer outfits, that’s why I’ve put together a “sexy girls” list of the trendiest, classic and iconic outfits you can wear to make yourself shine.

Crossover wrap top and miniskirt

Nothing will turn heads more than being seen in this outfit! This top pops up all over my social media and every girl seen in it is stunning. A breathtaking outfit that will make you look sexy, guaranteed. Mini skirts are never a bad idea either! Stock up on a hot girls summer wardrobe full of mini skirts, they can work for any occasion.

Pants to tie in the back

Another trendy statement that’s making the rounds in everyone’s closet right now is these tie pants. Pants in the summer? I know what you’re thinking…but these can be fitted, baggy or flared. Believe me, some summer nights can call for a little more fabric, so what better way to style a summer pant than these flattering pants.

Lace Trim Cami

An essential to have this summer is a camisole trimmed with lace! Pair it with skirts, shorts and it works with everything. You can’t go wrong with these; they come in so many patterns, colors and variations. Once you buy one, your addiction might grow over the summer! Try these cute tops and you’ll end up loving them, sometimes even a little too much.

Drawstring Gathered Dresses

All the hot girls know that you can never own too many dresses, so splurge and get yourself a great summer dress! The latest fashion is the drawstring ruched dresses which can take on any shape from body con to ribbed and even satin. These dresses are a miracle invention because not only do they look great, but you can adjust the length to your liking!

Matching sets

Nothing says organized, put together and gorgeous like a girl showing up in a beautiful setting. Two-piece matching skirts and tops are this year, if you want to rock any fancy Kardashian-like gathering, these are your best bet. You can opt for a bold leopard print, bright colors or even a simplistic color. Matching sets will have you looking your best from the moment you put them on to the moment you take them off.

A blazer moment

A business girl, an iconic girl and sexy girls can wear a blazer look. No, I’m not talking about super chunky blazers, there are options that are easy to wear in the heat! Pair it with a crop or tube top as well as fitted shorts and a belt for that “I Mean Business” look. You will amaze everyone in all directions if you decide to rock a full blazer moment.

bandana top

Be the center of attention this summer in a bandana top. These tops come in many variations and make you look not only stunning but confident! Maybe not quite practical for everyday use but extremely stylish. Definitely a must have this summer if you’re having a drink with the girls.

Summer dress

The easiest and most practical dress this summer is a sundress. Need to look good for dinner? Summer dress. Need to throw on a cute outfit after a day at the beach? Summer dress. I’ve had countless of them since last summer, and they’ll never go out of style. A worthwhile investment to add to your wardrobe.

Groovy patterns

Go back to the 70s with this trendy pattern! These can come in dresses, pants, skirts, tops, crop tops. I know for sure that we will see a lot of this model this summer. Greens not your color? Roses, not your color? The best thing about this pattern is that it doesn’t look like a traditional print such as leopard or cow print; it comes in different colors and variations.

Crochet top

This summer, channel your inner “beach girl” aesthetic for a ripped look. Pair them with denim shorts and you’re good to go! They are easy to wear and perfect for slipping on a bikini underneath. Everyone involved in the Girls Hot Summer needs this summer essential. It is definitely a need.

Mentionable shops

It can be difficult to find stores that truly match the look you’re going for. Online shopping is every sexy girl’s best friend, so here are some stores to get you partying.

  1. showpo

  2. shein

  3. ASOS

  4. pretty little thing

  5. Glasses

  6. Boohoo

Whether you’re making the most of the hot girly summer at the beach, at home, or spending most of your days with the girls, it’s important that you wear clothes you feel good in. Go beyond this summer by looking spectacular.