Ooh La La! Much Love for Sophisticated Wardrobes Infused with Parisian FRNCH Touches

Wardrobes that are timeless and dreamy always make for an eye-catching look. If anything, FRNCH’s Parisian-chic style is honestly everything that we need in our closets.

This gorgeous French-fashion-inspired brand is most definitely the brand you need to keep an eye out for. With high quality and tasteful designs that will never fall off of a trend, FRNCH has our hearts!


“FRNCH, pronounced “French” – has become a fashion code-name to characterize a complete wardrobe with Parisian influences,” writes the brand, “From its artistic studio in the 3rd district of Paris, FRNCH delivers a contemporary study of the mythical Parisian silhouette that Franck and Chloé renew every season.”

You’re probably well familiar with the romantic fame of France and the specific fashion that exudes “elegance and simplicity”- which is exactly what FRNCH embodies.

“FRNCH’s ready-to-wear concept also boldly merges the feminine look with the masculine. The result is an audacious expression of Parisian style, culture and way of being,” says FRNCH, “FRNCH is a collection of clean lines, refined fabrics, and sophisticated details developed with a touch of vintage in a variety of timeless and affordable pieces.”

You’ll note that each and every piece of FRNCH is not only masterfully and intricately designed with classic style, but also touches of unique, chic looks. It is evident that the pieces are made for casual but good-standing luxurious fashion that emphasizes quality.

The Rainbow Cardigan Of Our Dreams

A pop of color is always a must, and the Lobélia Cardigan is that, but so much more. Fun to wear with large, chunky knit designs, this sweater-like cardigan will make you want to give out bear hugs.

Featuring rainbow colors that range from vibrant hues of red to purple in classic yet pastel shades, this cardigan truly is the cardigan of our dreams.

shop the Lobélia Cardigan here.

This gorgeous ombré cardigan will look good with any outfit and for any occasion. Have a brunch party with your best friends, or a meeting to attend? The Lobélia Cardigan will bring a little bit of joy and an extra spark along with you.

Every single detail of this one-of-a-kind cardigan is honestly top-tier, but arguably, the most noticeable is the rainbow hue. In a natural pattern of a flowing showcase of stunning colors, the rainbow of this cardigan is like no other.

The top of the cardigan starts out with a dark plum color, blueberry navy, to a pretty grape-purple. It then has a pale minty green with mature olive, which is featured on the front. Down the sleeves and both front and back continue the colors of chartreuse, pale peach, beige, bubblegum pink, elegant pearl, light tan pink, dusty rose, tangerine, and hot, flaming pink.

The borders and edges of the cardigan, as well as the sleeves, are a blueberry navy color that makes for a great base and eye-catching design. This frames the shape of the cardigan very nicely!

Chunky cardigans are the best, and the oversized fit that the Lobélia Cardigan has is quite literally everything. The little loops of the knit aren’t completely tight nor loose, which makes it just right.

It’s almost unbelievable to know that this cardigan is handmade- which makes it extra special. The cardigan is made of acrylic.

The Lobélia Cardigan is an open-front cardigan without a closing that has a longer length, which serves as a sweeping, cozy cardigan perfect for layering.

I love the open-ended cardigan design because it allows the Lobélia Cardigan to truly embody what it means to have an effortlessly put-together outfit. I truly enjoy how versatile it can be when it comes to pairing and layering.

This would look perfect shrugged on top of an all-white outfit- especially white jeans- and a slightly off-white, creamy color could add a more sophisticated twist as well.

Casual but also uniquely fancy, the Lobélia Cardigan is the chicest cardigan all around!

A Simple White Sweater Does It All

The very basic thing that every single closet should have is most definitely a simple white sweater. There’s a lot of reasons for this; one being that you can’t really ever go wrong with one and that the “less is more” saying definitely goes for this as well.

A simple white sweater is a gift that keeps on giving- and that is exactly what the Laelie Cardigan is.

shop the Laelie Cardigan here.

Whether you choose to wear the delicate and dainty sweater by itself or pair it with another piece, the Laelie Cardigan is an absolute must.

The Laelie Cardigan is a lightweight, thinner cardigan with a lacy, ruffled design. It’s perfect for a chilly spring or summer day and a great pick for all seasons due to how versatile it is.

The neckline features a lacy eyelet-style design, which creates a geometric-style pattern. It’s immediately such an attention-grabber, and I love the tiny details that come together to make a beautiful look.

The same pattern of the geometric, triangular-like eyelet lace design is also seen in the sweater cuffs, and also at the very end of the cardigan.

All over, the Laelie Cardigan has an alternating vertical lace design, which is thinner and completely breathable. It doesn’t feel heavy at all in any way.

What might seem like a simple white cardigan at first glance, all the small yet noticeable designs and point features make this piece truly whole. It’s honestly so beautiful that you could most definitely wear this alone paired with a good pair of your favorite jeans or leather pants.

The slightly off-white color is more of an ivory creme color, which gives the cardigan an aura of elegance.

Made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool, this cardigan is oh-so-soft and comfortable, and is perfectly lightweight to wear in any weather!

I love that this cardigan is more like a very light sweater that you can slip on under anything, such as overalls, jackets, and vests. It’s honestly the perfect layering piece that you need that is light and airy with a tasteful touch of dreamy daintiness.

A Dreamy Lilac Sweater

A staple sweater is always a must, and this lovely lilac-hued sweater is a gorgeous statement-making piece.

Soft, cozy, and adorable, the Nemophila sweater is the perfect match of a timeless classic infused with the current trends.

shop the Nemophila Sweater here.

One of the features that you’ll notice right away is the knitted designs. Featuring a range of knitting styles all over the sweater, the one-of-a-kind texture really pops.

The puffed-up sleeves are definitely to be talked about. The subtly raised puffs add flair and character to the sweater, and the mid-length sleeve cuffs make the sweater effortlessly refined.

I love that this sweater’s sleeves are not completely raised and have a subtle puff to them. It’s such a cute look, and if you ask me, puffed sleeves are always a good look.

The round boatneck neckline is curved and has a knitted texture that can be seen thicker on the sleeve cuffs. I love the wool-like feel of the sweater, and it is just as soft as it looks!

This isn’t just your regular sweater; with carefully detailed textured knits and criss-cross designs, this sweater really has an eye for detail.

The Nemophila Sweater is on the thicker side, and the quality of the fabric is top-tier. I love how cozy and snug it is, and this is the perfect piece for the upcoming colder season.

The gorgeous lilac color is not too pale nor too dark and is such a lovely shade. The color is also quite easy to style with any of your favorite bottoms; a high-waisted pair of trousers or wide legs would look stunning with the sweater.

Dress It Up With Catheline

This top is the top to dress up for all of your fancy events. The Catheline top is the perfect match for your weekend brunch with friends and dressing up for all of your formal events.

A silky blouse with delicately patterned designs, the Catheline is the definition of an elegant blouse. I sincerely don’t think I’ve ever been so obsessed with a fancy top like such before- and the Catheline makes me feel so empowered and professional.

shop the Catheline top here.

Starting off with a mid-to-deep v-neck, the Catheline has lightly scrunched shoulder pads that allow for the sleeve to slightly hold a balloon figure. I love that the sleeves are not tight and allow for freedom of movement- because when it comes to fashion, being comfortable is always important.

The v-neck is followed by a set of dainty pearl-colored, ivory-like buttons, which feel delightfully exquisite. On the dainty and small side, the buttons make for a tasteful touch of detail.

The cuffs of the top are folded in that elegant way you see on formal business-like blouses, and you will notice that the buttons from the top’s openings are also on the cuff. This allows you to adjust how tight you want them to be- which is just so thoughtful!

All over the top is a vine-like, ivy print with a touch of floral design. The fabric of the Catheline top is extremely lightweight and feels very silky, and the design of the ivies has an almost metallic-like texture to them.

A mix of the colors of ivory, pearl, and creamy pink, the shade of the Catheline top just feels so classic and like royalty.

The back of the top is simply the leaf patterns all over, and depending on the lighting, you’ll notice the gorgeous glints of the textile texture!

If you want to look absolutely stunning and effortlessly complete on a fancy night out, the Catheline top is meant for you. Pair this with a metallic skirt or high-waisted trousers, and you’ll be set!

Elegance With A Pop of Textile

I’ve been into long, dramatic maxi dresses lately, and a good dose of textile makes the dresses look so flattering and an unforgettable look.

The Abassia dress feels so on-trend yet one of those pieces that will definitely be here to stay. With a flowing, fluid dress line and intriguing combination of geometric shapes and popping colors, the Abassia is a must for this summer.

shop the Abassia dress here.

The dress begins with a v-neck opening, button openings. The buttons are an off-white color and add a touch of a more formal look to the dress. The dress itself is absolutely casual, however, and is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a weekend off.

A fabric belt is included with the dress, which you can self-tie around the dress. The belt is the same exact material as the rest of the dress, as well as the geometric pattern. I love that the belt is one with the dress and is united- that way, the cinching of the waist is not overly noticeable.

With the belt, you can tie it around and cinch it to your liking, creating a soft feminine style. The belt loops and markings around the dress make it much easier and sturdier to put on.

Both sleeves are long and end with a cuff-like feature that you can clasp with a button.

The dress itself has a very long skirt as it is a maxi dress, and I love how lightweight it is. It looks beautiful when you twirl, which creates a gorgeous effect. “Fluid and light, it will accompany each of your movements with grace and elegance,” says FRNCH.

The skirts of the dress have three tiers to them, which are connected to one another. The dress itself is layered multiple times; each of the skirt layers is extremely lightweight and breathable, making this the perfect summer dress. This could even be a seasonal dress to wear on warmer autumn days.

An eye-catching, intriguing pattern is printed all over the dress. A geometric, 3D square-like chain is drawn on the dress, which creates a mathematically inclined textile that also appeals to the creative, contemporary aesthetic of the Abassia dress.

The stunning A-line dress reaches all the way to the ankles, which makes it perfect to show off your favorite sandals and heels as well.

This dress is not too tight nor too loose but has an air of roominess to it. I love how easygoing it is without being too casual. It maintains just the right amount of effortless grace.

Easy to style with your favorite pair of heels or sandals and a clutch, the Abassia is such a look for this season!

Flowery and All Things Sunny

One can never be too obsessed with flowers- because flowers truly are the best! The Amira dress has “flower power” written all over it; this maxi sundress has the most joyous mix of color palettes and an easygoing, fluid skirt.

If there ever was a dress that screamed “the warm weather is here!”, it would definitely be this one.

shop the Amira dress here.

The straps of the dress are not exactly spaghetti-strap-thin but have self-tie ribbons that you can make into little bows yourself. This also allows you to secure it on and adjust the straps to your fit!

The front of the dress is pretty and simple; there is a horizontal section that features overlapping fabric which creates a nice ruffling effect on the front of the dress.

The simplicity of this dress is what makes this dress so alluring. This dress gives a whole definition of what it means to style an effortless, dreamy dress.

The skirt of the dress is also tiered and has three levels of skirts that are all connected in one layer. The Amira dress has multiple layers, which are all very lightweight and breathable.

This dress truly embodies what it is to be a summer-ready sundress because it is so relaxed, simple, yet full of character and energy! The bright positivity of the dress practically radiates off the dress.

I love how the length of the Amira dress is sweeping and really makes you feel like a princess. The length of the dress nearly reaches the floor, which makes you feel elongated and tall.

The base of the dress is a periwinkle-blue, with illustrated flowers emblazoned all over. The vivid colors of red, orange, and pink pop out against the blue, and the accompanying yellow-green leaves also add a pretty touch.

The Amira dress stirs up that summer excitement, and I love the air of chic positivity it carries.

Powerful And Radiating Orange

Can I just say that I am absolutely loving the bold orange move here? Suddenly, with the Akita dress, I’m the number one fan of the color orange.

This bright shade of sunset has never looked so good, and the dress is making such a statement.

shop the Akita dress here.

With two spaghetti-thin straps, the neckline of the Akita dress is a round boatneck style. The straps begin in the center, making the top look like a halter design from the front.

The front neckline of the dress has a simple but eye-catching overlapping ruffle design, which creates a lightly pleated effect to the front of the dress. The simplicity here is everything, and really makes way for the swooping, orange skirt, and A-line of the dress.

The back of the dress, however, isn’t so simple- this is when all the more complicated features and design aspects come in.

The back of the dress features a larger keyhole-like open back. This is perfect for making the dress even more breathable for the hot season of summer. At the top of the keyhole is a tie from the halter-top style of the front side of the dress.

The ties are self-tie, so you can make your own bows, and are made of the same orange fabric as the dress.

Majorly made of viscose, the dress feels cool to the touch and is such a lightweight material that it feels as if it is floating around you. This honestly is the best dress for the summer heat- who says you can’t stay stylish when it’s hot out?

The skirt of the dress is long and flowy, and I love the way the wind picks up on the hems when you walk. This dress is the dress made for movement.

The underlayer of the dress is also a solid orange fabric, which is very lightweight, so it feels breathable and comfortable. The thin fabric creates a beautiful visual effect when paired with the top layer of the dress, making the orange even bolder.

The second tier of the dress has a slightly cinched, ruffled effect, and I love the way it makes the dress feel as if it is even more fluid and full of elegance.

Perfect for the white sand beach or an outdoors evening out, the Akita dress is such a perfect, eye-catching summer staple. This dress will truly look amazing and make you feel stunning.

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