Bye-Bye Breakouts: How This Breakout Patch Cleared My Skin And Why I Love Hero Cosmetics

Let’s face it: acne sucks. It’s just the worst when you wake up to an angry, sore pimple right in the center of your face – but, what if I told you that with a simple sticker, that nasty pimple could be gone within hours. ?

It’s true: in an ingenious and effective way that will make you instantly obsessed, Hero Cosmetics will master any tricky situation. Because of how good it worked, it quickly became my hero; Seriously, it’s amazing how many times it’s saved my life.

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Whether you’re struggling with breakouts, nearly-present pimples, or post-pimple scarring, Hero Cosmetics is here to save the sticker a day at a time. I honestly can’t help but rave about this brand because their affordable and easy button patches have worked wonders for me. Consider me a fan forever!

Who Nose How to have clear skin?

Yes, that pun was intentional. Believe it or not, your nose needs care too! This nasal strip is “a gentle and safe hydrocolloid nasal patch that absorbs grime and improves the appearance of pores overnight.”

Gone are the days of having to painfully remove paper nose strips – the Mighty Nose Patch is all about safely and gently removing all that gunk. Made with “100% pure medical-grade hydrocolloid, a naturally fluid-absorbing gel that traps pimple oil and grime like a sponge” – this nose strip takes quality to heart.

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The nose strip is made of a super stretchy and flexible material that easily conforms to the shape of your nose. It’s perfectly thin so it’s not too noticeable and has a matte feel. The band folds over all the curves and crevices of your nose shape. It’s so comfortable you won’t even remember it was there!

To use this nasal strip, follow the Hero Cosmetics instructions below:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin.
  2. Apply the patch and leave on for 6-8 hours (until it turns white with grime).
  3. Now the fun part – peel it off.

Plus, the brand includes a few tips to make sure you maximize results:

  1. Peel off the backing from the center first. Put the patch in place, then smooth the sides.
  2. Patch a group of buttons? Mighty Patch works best on whiteheads!
  3. For most satisfying results, exfoliate before patching – it helps loosen grime.
  4. Need to re-patch? Wait at least 6 hours (to let your skin breathe).

In just 6-8 hours, this nose strip will soak up all the nasty gunk, turning the material a cloudy color. When you peel off the tape, it comes off like a sticker would minus the pain. Plus, it doesn’t leave a residue, so you don’t have to scrape off any sticky bits. Speak with incredible effort!

Plus, this box is seriously generous. Each box includes a content of 10 patches that will last you a long time and prepare you for any nasal emergency!

Big bad pimples, go!

Anyone who’s been through a mass breakout knows that can definitely be a problem. Sometimes a single button won’t be enough – bigger problems require bigger solutions. In this case, the Mighty Patch Surface is exactly what we need.

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When a pimple pushes on our skin, it sometimes arrives with its entire gang of friends. To get them all at once, just place the surface patch on the cluster to say goodbye!

The patch is made with hydrocolloid – “a plant-based gel that gently absorbs and traps grime” – and has been sterilized, clinically tested and is medical grade. It’s stretchy, thin and adheres perfectly to your skin so you don’t have to worry about it coming off.

The rectangular shape is great for getting all the pimples, and I like that it’s really big enough to cover just about anything. Also, since it will safely cover any rashes, it will prevent you from attacking yourself (which would have made the situation worse).

To use the Surface Patch, first cleanse and prep your skin. Apply the patch wherever you need it. Once it turns opaque, that means it’s ready to be removed. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s so satisfying to see the remains of the tape!

You might recognize how similar its effects are to the original Hero Cosmetics Mighty Pimple Patches – and that’s because they’re the exact same material, minus the difference in size.

The surface patch has a large adjustment at over 2 inches. It’s perfect for covering just about anything, and it’s not just limited to your face; anywhere on your back, neck, chest, buttocks or jawline is a perfect fit for this patch!

No room for imperfections

It’s great for ridding pus from pimple sites, but sometimes they leave a mark, which is a huge no-no. To get rid of dark spots and blemishes, Hero Cosmetics has developed a special anti-blemish patch with 173 microdots to illuminate your skin.

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Curious to know what a microdot is? We got you: According to Hero Cosmetics, “the patch uses tiny dissolving micro-needles to flood dark spots with a deep dose of brightener to quickly even out skin tone.” (No need to be afraid, though, you won’t feel anything at all!)

Dark spots are perhaps one of the most difficult things to remove – even a constant routine of cleanser and cream sometimes needs something extra – and the Micropoint for dark spots does its job perfectly. .

After zapping your pimple, simply identify your spot and place this patch over it, while pressing gently for 15-30 seconds. After 6 hours, gently remove the patch. It is recommended “to use twice a week until the post-stain clears up”.

The blemishes weren’t fun at all to deal with, but after trying these Microdots, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased. The dark messages really go away, and nothing has been more effective than these patches.

Part of this has to be attributed to the powerful healing properties of the ingredients – all of the highest quality, because you should expect no less from Hero Cosmetics. Made with ingredients like the ones below, this tiny little patch (okay, well, actually, it’s pretty well sized – around a dime, maybe) is more potent than it looks .

Vitamin C – The Ultimate Brightening Antioxidant

Niacinamide – Smoothing, strengthening and improving clarity

Tranexamic Acid – Visibly lightens dark spots and evens skin tone

Sodium Hyaluronate – Anti-Humidity Super-Moisturizer

The patch looks quite intricate and detailed with its tiny dots and matte feel, but it’s so easy and painless to apply. If ever there is a fault situation, these patches are our best bet.

A bit of everything, please

For a bit of everything, Hero Cosmetics offers a variety pack that includes their Mighty Patch Original, Invisible+, and Surface. This pack is perfect for whiteheads that are ready to be zapped, versus those that haven’t surfaced yet.

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Each of these patches are made with “a plant-based hydrocolloid – a natural fluid-absorbing gel” – and are perfect for all skin types and people. “Mighty Patch is medical grade, non-drying, allergy tested, and ideal for sensitive skin,” Hero Cosmetics shares.

The original patch is a medium to thin circular patch, perfect for sticking on a pimple that needs to be zapped. Just like other Hero products, it’s perfect to apply overnight to wake up with much less bothered skin.

The Invisible+ patch has all the powers of the original, but offers a thinner material that makes the patch barely noticeable. If you have a busy day at school or work, you can put it on and go about your day – that’s really how invisible they are!

The Surface patch, as shared above, is the jumbo patch that eliminates clusters of pimples all at once.

With this range of patches, in no time your pimples will be visibly flatter, less red and on the way out! Each of them offers a special power and works wonderfully together.

I love how convenient this pack is. It seriously has everything you could need for any situation, and is incredibly practical!

Happy skin, day and night

The ultimate AM/PM routine to get rid of post-blemishes is the Rescue and Redness Duo, hands down. I said what I said! This dynamic duo is composed of Rescue Balm and +Red Correct Balm.

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So what does each balm do? According to Hero Cosmetics, “Rescue Balm takes the night shift and Green + Red Correct Tinted Balm fades redness all day.” Together, their powers combine to create the most effective blemish eraser ever.

AM: Use Rescue Balm + Red Correct to camouflage redness and regenerate the skin.

Afternoon: Apply Rescue Balm to nourish dry, flaky, post-breakout skin overnight.

The rescue balm

This handy cream is perfect for applying right after popping a pimple. It almost feels like an ointment compared to a beauty and skin care product, due to its effectiveness.

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The tube squeezes into small portions so you can apply it to your skin and it immediately absorbs the balm. Made with zero fragrance or irritating ingredients, this balm takes it right off the site of popped pimples.

I love the matte feel of this balm, because oily creams are a big no-no. It is so soothing and calming and even moisturizes the dry, flaky parts of your skin. If anything, it’s a true multi-tasking hero.

Rescue Balm +Red Correct

This balm is perfect for making dry skin smoother and more hydrated, and controlling red, patchy skin. “A cult product has a whole new superpower: nourish skin after breakouts and camouflage redness with a color-correcting green tint for fair to fair skin,” says Hero Cosmetics.

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In the morning, our skin can be a little inflamed, which is why this is the best morning balm. This green shade will transform all the redness of your face into a much more soothed natural color, as if by magic.

So what are their main differences and similarities? For one, how their balm works on your skin: “The Rescue Balm formula is emollient and rich to replenish skin after blemishes, while the color-changing Rescue Balm + Red Correct formula is lightweight and breathable.”

Plus, “Both balms include our hydrating trifecta: Panthenol to soothe dry, flaky skin, Beta-Glucan to visibly replenish and renew, and Oligopeptides to fortify dry, depleted skin.”

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