Create Signature Style on a Budget

Have you ever wanted to create a signature style or aesthetic? The hardest part of creating a signature style is consistency. Most people have a closet full of mismatched pieces that might have looked great in a store – but end up creating inconsistent looks. This will likely result in you not feeling good in any of your outfits.

Creating a signature style will make it easier to find outfits you’ll feel amazing in and make your outfits more memorable.

However, most people can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe so they can change their style. Here are four easy steps you can take to create a signature style and revamp your wardrobe on a budget!

Step 1 – Choose a Style or Aesthetic

The most important step when revamping your wardrobe is choosing a style that will “match” your day-to-day. Some examples of different styles that are trending right now are Fairycore, Academia, Soft Girl, etc. You might find it really easy or difficult depending on how developed your personal style is.

I would suggest creating a Pinterest board of your favorite outfits that you can replicate so you get an idea of ​​what styles you like. When determining your personal style, there are two main things to consider:

1. Daily life

While some outfits may match your personality, they won’t necessarily suit your everyday life. Think about what you usually wear in a day and how you can incorporate your new personal style into your outfits. For example, while bohemian dresses may look awesome, they’re not extremely practical for school. Instead, you can add bohemian elements such as feather earrings to a more casual outfit for school!

2. Budget

Consider the clothes you already own – what do they look like? Try to integrate your new style with your current style so that you don’t have to buy an overwhelming amount of clothes. If you have hundreds of sweatshirts but no skirts, it wouldn’t be very economical to throw away all your sweatshirts to buy tennis skirts.

Step 2 – Less is more: Plan your clothes

The next step is to plan the clothes you will need. Having fewer clothes makes it easier to put together outfits because it avoids decision fatigue. Counterintuitive, right? 82% of items in the average American’s wardrobe were unworn in the last year. This can be avoided by buying mostly clothes that you feel comfortable wearing every day.

Many clothes are too loud, so we have a hard time integrating them into an outfit. Instead, reduce your wardrobe to 30 main pieces. An ideal wardrobe is made up of 10 tops, 10 bottoms, 5 fancy outfits (to meet up with friends or go to receptions) and 5 coats/sweaters.

Start by planning in this organizer what you want your ideal wardrobe to look like. Don’t be in too much of a rush to meet the exact clothing numbers! Your ideal wardrobe will vary depending on your lifestyle, weather, budget, etc.

Step 3 – Redo/Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet isn’t just about folding clothes neatly, it often involves changing the layout! Many people don’t realize that the layout of their wardrobe has an impact on their ability to style their outfits. A messy or bare closet can make you feel shaken or overwhelmed. Try to make your closet a neat space that instantly makes you happy in the morning when you go to choose your outfit.

To start, start by throwing all your clothes on the floor. Put all the clothes you won’t wear in a box to donate to charity. Next, set aside any clothes you don’t wear often (fancy outfits, spring outfits, etc.) Carefully fold all of these clothes and set them aside in a drawer or box. Take all the clothes you wear often and place them in front of your closet. Finally, it’s time to decorate your closet!

Step 1: Start by putting collages or cute printable posters on the door.

Step 2: Add “filler pieces” such as perfumes, jewelry, and books to any empty shelves.

Step 3: Decide how you want to fold your clothes. Check out this article on vertical folding of clothes to make them neater and easier to reach!

Step 4 – Buy New Clothes

Now that you’ve organized all of your previous clothes, it’s time to start shopping for new clothes! Evaluate the pieces in your wardrobe and make a list of items you are missing. Before you go out shopping for clothes, ask your friends if they have an item. If you feel embarrassed to ask for clothes (which is understandable), arrange a clothes swap. Ask your friends to bring their old clothes and you can try to exchange them for items that match your new style! Plus, you can find gently used clothes at thrift stores or on Poshmark for a much cheaper price! If you can’t find the item anywhere, you can purchase it from Amazon or your favorite clothing store. Good shopping!

Congratulations! You’ve officially renovated your wardrobe and (hopefully) created a set of 10-15 outfits that make you feel good and can wear everyday. Have fun getting dressed faster, feeling better, and having a wardrobe that makes you happy!