It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with Orange Juice the Brand (and Epic Sale!)

All over various media platforms, we are witnessing a new wave of fashion styles; now, the go-to look of the era is for effortless everyday style.

Revamping your wardrobe can be tricky where to start, but with Orange Juice the Brand, look no further.

Are you looking for a quality brand with all current trends under control? OJTB crosses this box.

With its casual model looks and innovative styles you won’t see anywhere else, this brand is a staple in your wardrobe.

Before diving:

Orange Juice the Brand is running a huge sale that is cutting a massive 60%…don’t miss it this Black Friday season!

Below we’ll share more details, but to browse the brand click here.

Carolina Turtleneck

I *actually* found my favorite turtleneck. When we say “basic sweater”, the Carolina turtleneck is an absolute must.

With oversized balloon sleeves that cinch comfortably at the wrists, the Carolina Turtleneck is not only on-trend, but somewhat elegant in its own way. The beautiful periwinkle color adds a fabulous look, and just below the turtleneck is the iconic Orange Juice the Brand label.

The turtleneck is quite thick and is perfect for the upcoming winter weather. The inner side is lined with an extra soft material to give you that extra warmth. It is sincerely made of quality materials and the fabric is so comfortable.

I loved how the roll neck around the neck was very comfortable. Many people, including me, have experienced discomfort and itching, but the Carolina Turtleneck is loose enough around the neck for comfort.

It’s a bit short, but definitely gives you enough coverage. In terms of harvests, it’s quite modest and looks so fashionable! (The sleeves really amplify it.)

Favorite Points

Balloon sleeves: so elegant yet relaxed!

Beautiful color: aesthetic and pointed periwinkle shade.

Thick and Comfortable: Feels like a hug and lined for extra warmth.

Hands down, the most stylish and comfortable sweater

You guys, if you’re looking for the perfect sweater to keep you warm and elegant, this one is this. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a sweater that I love as much as this one – in all seriousness.

As stated on the site, I would definitely recommend going up a size! About a size above your normal size should be.

Buy this beautiful turtleneck here.

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Blanche Zipped Top

It’s true: plain white t-shirts can get boring sometimes. If you are looking for a basic top that includes additional features that accentuate the top, the Blanche zipper top is what you need.

A stretchy little top paired with a stylish zipper (which reaches about 1/4 of the way up – long enough for you to choose the zipper you want), this top is the perfect pairing for any outfit. Whether it’s jeans, a skirt, anything, it will make everything beautiful.

At the bottom, near the harvest, is the Orange Juice the Brand sign, which adds the most stylish addition to the top!

The fabric is so different from your standard lettuce or ribbed top how amazing the quality of the fabric is.

Favorite points:

Adjusted fit: adapts perfectly without being restrictive.

Zipper Adjustment: You decide which cover to pull up/down.

Symbol by the Crop: add for a cute look!

The Tiny Top: Add flavor to a look

As for size, I would definitely encourage going up a size or even two sizes.

This top runs very small – although incredibly stretchy to hug you – a size up would help. Also, since the crop covers about 2/3 of the torso, a larger size would be useful for more coverage (if desired).

Shop the essential zip top here.

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My 90s jeans

You know those jeans you see all over Pinterest and social media? This is exactly what you were looking for.

With perfect placement of a knee-length cut and nicely frayed smaller cuts, this denim strikes the ideal balance between distress and integrity.

I loved how the jeans had the perfect amount of looseness and how thick enough without being constricting. There’s a sleek cut just where your right knee is, and isn’t gaping and just the right amount of hole. Near the pocket is the iconic OJTB symbol.

Jeans tend to be a little longer, but a sleek roll-up can go a long way. My 90s jeans are also quite high waisted (these are 90s jeans, after all).

Most of these loose fit jeans are usually priced higher than expected; Orange Juice the Brand gives you exactly that, but at a much lighter price.

Favorite Points

Loose fit: neither tight nor too loose.

Knee Cut: Distressed denim that isn’t cut too much, plus a tear at the right knee.

Super high waist: it goes up quite high!

Quality denim: not fragile, and super strong!

This is The Fashionable jeans you were looking for

These jeans are the standard for casual and stylish oversized. Step up your denim game!

As for the size, do not waist up.

Jeans are designed for just the right amount of looseness and are baggy enough already. In fact, if you’re a little confused about which size to choose, you might even consider downsizing.

Shop My 90s jeans here.

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Incredible quality

Orange Juice the Brand pleasantly surprised me with the quality of their brand. All the styles have such a nice fabric feeling, and it will last you a long time for your fashion exploration.

The fabric had the perfect amount of thickness without being too hot and stuffy. The jeans were also strong material and the brand as a whole has a quality you can trust.

If you are looking for pieces that are not only on the cutting edge of today’s fashion, but also quality garments that won’t rip, this brand is for you. this.

Redefining styles

Trends can come and go, and Orange Juice the Brand is on top of its game, creating fashionable pieces that match the current fashion era, yet remain timelessly cool.

Not only are they “cool”, but they are outfits that fit many different criteria and events, whether it’s a social hangout, for school, or anywhere else.

Their look and fit cannot be found elsewhere and are turning heads in the current generation. You will find OJTB all over TikTok and different social media platforms!

Point price

Elegantly cool? Check.

Something unusual? Check.

A quality fabric that can be invested? Check.

Orange Juice the Brand checks all the boxes when it comes to sustainability and redefining fashion, but here’s another one you might like: reasonable prices.

All parts stay within a convenient range and the parts themselves are of high quality while staying cool. If that’s not a dream, what is?!

Not only are they already affordable and cheap to start with, but they add another price cut for Black Friday! Hurry now and copy your pieces to makeover your wardrobe. Your closet will be seriously Thanks.

Something new…

Orange Juice the Brand is, of course, the brand with all the current trends in one brand that is freshly squeezed for a cooler look.

“If you’re looking for something new, you’ve come to the right place. We strive to be industrious and innovative, giving our customers what they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list. We want you to think outside the box and express yourself in a new way,” says OJTB. “Fashion can speak hundreds and we want you Challenge the ordinary.”

Don’t miss!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it requires a huge sale for Orange Juice the Brand.

OJTB is having a Black Friday sale you don’t want to miss – they have until 60% off the entire site. Make affordable even more affordable!

Check out our custom TTM link here.

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Carry on!

Orange Juice the Brand has just released their Black Snow collection, which is an eye-catching match for this upcoming season.

To follow OJTB on Instagram, check them out here @orangejuicethebrand. (Plus, psst…they occasionally host some exciting giveaways that you should definitely attend!)