Sun and salty air: spring break is in full swing with TRIANGL

It’s finally that time of year: the warm sun gives us the brightest tan, the ocean water is cool and so blue, and the beach parties are going to give us the memories of a lifetime. .

Now that spring break is upon us, choosing the perfect outfits for seaside trips is the only thing on our minds. From scouring the internet for the cutest one-piece swimsuit to shopping for a trendy bucket hat, holiday shopping can get pretty serious! But above all, nothing makes a beach vacation more complete than TRIANGL, the beloved Australian swimwear brand.

It’s pretty easy to see why everyone raves about TRIANGL; their classic and timeless cuts are never not are going to be on trend, their prints are both tropical and sophisticated, and the quality is breathtaking.


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The VINCA in Grande

Who doesn’t love a good old top and bottom triangle? Perfect for making the most of your tan, the VINCA offers a stunning fit with a twist on the fabric pattern and texture: rainbow zebra and Italian velvet.

Buy the VINCA at Grande here.

Yes, you read that right ; the Grande print is a wave-like zebra print that features curvy lines in a dance. The pattern is outgoing and the alternating colors of dusty pink, salmon pink and sky blue against a pale yellow hue make it fun to look at.

The top is fully adjustable and is a halter style. You can attach the neck and back ties as you wish. The bottoms are also a tie style and have side ties.

The fabric is made from Italian velor and has a slightly crushed velor feel. It’s such a cute look that changes things from your standard polyester. You might think velvet and water don’t mix, but this one does!

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The VINCA in Grande brings something alluring and fresh to pool parties and late-night bonfires. It’s absolutely stunning against the blue waters, and I love how the one of a kind print makes me feel so special!

Plus, get this: This bikini comes with a light pink neoprene zip bag; the color is like candy and looks so sweet! It’s perfect for use as a bikini carry bag or even for beach essentials like sunscreen and lipstick. TRIANGL really thinks of everything!

The Grande print is also available in the MELROSE, MAIA models and the LENNY sarong.

The MELROSE in Belini

The one-shoulder look has taken off in the fashion world lately, and it’s also translated into the world of swimwear. Discover MELROSE: the beautiful bikini that balances both sport and warmth.

Featuring a cropped top with a twist and a high waisted bottom, the MELROSE is a huge fan favorite, and for good reason.

Buy the MELROSE in Belini here.

The Belini is a shade you simply cannot forget. The hot pink color is really hot: it’s the brightest shade of pink I’ve ever seen on a bikini, let alone any other piece of clothing! I love how fierce and cute the color is, and it’s sure to make you stand out.

The one-shoulder bikini is just a standard crop top, minus one strap. The only shoulder strap it has is an incredibly sturdy mid-sized, cross-back shoulder strap. My favorite thing about this look, other than how pretty it is, is that it doesn’t have a clasp! We love a good, efficient and comfortable bikini.

The bottoms are high waisted and come in two options: regular or cheeky. Both are on the lower cover side, but the normal offers a bit more than the cheeky.

Belini’s MELROSE comes in a textured ribbed fabric print that has vertical lines all over, which creates a nice elongating effect on your body. I am impressed with the softness of the material, its thickness and its quality.

This bikini comes with a neoprene zip bag in the same hot pink shade. MELROSE in Belini is all things hot, tropical and electrifying. With this bikini, it will be a vacation you will cherish forever.

MICA in Lime Sparkle

If you’re looking to have a good time while staying a bit more covered, the MICA is your best bet. What would be called “sport mode”, the MICA features a crop top and high waisted bottom in a variety of colors and prints.

This spring, we’ve set our sights on Lime Sparkle, a minimalist and adorable classic green.

Buy the MICA in Lime Sparkle here.

Lime Sparkle is a shade that falls right between bright neon and pretty pastel. The tint will really bring out your after-sun glow, which is honestly the vacation dream. As the name suggests, the fabric has sparkles all over it, making it look the best in the sunlight. The shimmering shimmer is subtle yet noticeable at the same time.

The MICA is a cropped, high-cut bikini top paired with a matching high-waisted bottom. The crop top has thin spaghetti straps that are adjustable so they don’t dig into your skin. The top also features a snap back closure, which goes with the green hue of the bikini.

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The bottoms are thinner and offer two choices: cheeky or normal. Both are on the lower cover side, but the normal version offers a bit more than the cheeky version.

Together, the top and bottom combine to create a relaxed, sporty style perfect for aquatic adventures. No matter how active you are, the MICA will stay intact!

The Mica in Lime Sparkle comes with a cute drawstring dust bag in the same bikini print and fabric, which is so cute! The drawstring bag allows for a more casual and effortless look, which we love.

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