120 reasons to be hopeful

The world is a dark place right now. Everywhere we look, there is sadness that traces our smiles, and everything just seems tinged with gray. School has moved online, and it’s just not the same. There’s homework piling up in our inbox as we gulp down Netflix shows and overeat.

Productivity is just hard to come by and it’s so much easier to just lay on the couch. The worst part? Everything seems to have lost its meaning. What’s the point? Nothing seems to matter anymore. Neither grades, nor education, nor food, nor health, nor mental space. But that’s where we act together because all of these things are extremely important, and they matter a lot.

Sounds hopeless right? Well, nothing is ever hopeless. There are always reasons for hope. Still. And if you look hard, you can find one everywhere, every day. I made it my mission to find reasons to hope; I would look for this hope in the dew of the blades of grass and at the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Initially, it was not easy, in fact, it was difficult to find even five reasons. But as I continued I found more reasons and it became even easier to find reasons. I have documented this journey of hope and here it is presented to you today.

At first, I thought I would find 10 reasons why we should all have hope. But then the list grew. I found hope in the little things and in the big things and the list ended up reaching this point. At the end of it all, I want you to know that no matter what happens, how bad things can get, there is always hope. You should have hope because:

  1. You are alive. I cannot stress this enough. You are here, you are here today and you are here right now. You are a living being in a beautiful body with complex thoughts and opinions and you are living.
  2. You are loved. The people in your life love you very much.
  3. You have a family that loves you. We are all most lucky to have parents who love us, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts who may or may not show affection.
  4. You have people who mean family. They may not be blood, but they are like family.
  5. You deserve to have hope
  6. You found a song that sings with your soul
  7. You did something good today
  8. Someone did something good to you today
  9. You plan to do something good
  10. You have done something good in the past and created memories
  11. You smiled at someone today
  12. someone smiled at you today
  13. You remembered a memory from your childhood
  14. You made a memory that will last
  15. You have many days ahead of you full of new opportunities.
  16. You have new chances every day
  17. You have the power to make a difference
  18. You stand up for what you believe in
  19. You impacted someone’s life and you don’t even know it
  20. You matter enormously and deeply.
  21. You are brave
  22. Dolphins can make noises that will melt your heart.
  23. There are people who love your hopeful face.
  24. There are people who would cherish your smile.
  25. Ladybugs exist and they are the most adorable creations.
  26. Puppy videos on YouTube.
  27. The climate is improving
  28. The population of endangered species is increasing
  29. The bee population is recovering
  30. The world is committed to fighting any crisis
  31. We have the technology to go zero carbon
  32. Technology is advancing every day
  33. Internet exists.
  34. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever your favorite app exists
  35. You have access to the internet, which means you have access to endless resources
  36. You can make a change
  37. You have interesting and unique hobbies
  38. You can work on things that interest you
  39. You can create something beautiful
  40. You can talk about your interests to people who are also interested
  41. You can bond around common interests and learn new things
  42. You can learn a new skill
  43. You can choose a new hobby
  44. You can publicize something you believe in
  45. You can help make a change
  46. You can help protect the world
  47. You have amazing dreams and goals
  48. You have achieved some of these goals
  49. You will achieve the other goals in the future
  50. You have distant dreams that you will realize
  51. Your significant other wants you to be happy
  52. There are beautiful experiences in life like:
  53. Waking up with someone you love
  54. Waking up earlier than anyone
  55. watch the sunrise with someone
  56. Watch the sunrise all alone
  57. Drinking hot coffee early in the morning
  58. Or maybe drink hot tea or any drink you like
  59. Absolute morning silence only interrupted by nature and the occasional vehicle
  60. The fresh morning air
  61. The cool breeze in your hair and the smell of dawn
  62. Waking up after everyone woke up on a lazy day
  63. Sleep in bed in the afternoon
  64. Evening naps
  65. Naps when you feel tired
  66. Naps when you’re not tired but bored
  67. Fall asleep while watching TV
  68. Fall asleep next to someone you love
  69. fall asleep on someone you love
  70. Fall asleep.
  71. Sunshine
  72. Cuddles
  73. Cuddles
  74. puppies
  75. Kittens and baby cheetahs
  76. Videos of babies learning to talk
  77. Videos of you baby
  78. Videos of your baby brother
  79. Pictures from your childhood
  80. Pictures of your family
  81. Learn Family History
  82. Understand your culture
  83. Adopt a new tradition
  84. Read the story that excites you
  85. Read whatever interests you
  86. Find an amazing book
  87. Read an amazing book
  88. Logging
  89. Blogging
  90. Share an amazing book
  91. Eat your favorite food
  92. Surprise someone with their favorite dish
  93. surprise someone with kind words
  94. Surprise someone with a kind gesture
  95. Cook something you’ve never tried and it turns out amazing
  96. The taste of the food you loved when you were a kid.
  97. Watch something you watched as a kid
  98. Watch the sunset
  99. have a picnic
  100. Wear a sweater in cold weather
  101. Drink hot water
  102. stay up all night
  103. Spending hours talking to someone and not noticing the hours pass
  104. enjoying someone’s company
  105. Enjoying his own company
  106. To love someone
  107. Magnet yourself
  108. Understand something faster than others
  109. The sound of someone laughing at your joke
  110. Eat junk food at midnight
  111. Eat healthy foods and be aware
  112. Exercise and feel healthy
  113. Sleep and love yourself for who you are
  114. Feel the sun on your skin
  115. Feeling of nostalgia
  116. Feeling of serendipity
  117. Feeling sad, because if you can’t feel sad, you can never feel happy
  118. feel joy
  119. to feel loved
  120. You should have hope because: You are alive