4 easy ways to train for free

As a teenager, it’s sometimes hard to exercise regularly because you can’t drive to the gym or buy expensive equipment for your bedroom. Instead, you have to find other alternatives. Here are some ideas for fun and EFFECTIVE ways to exercise.

1: Dance

It’s a super fun way to work out, you don’t have to be a professional ballerina or a hip hop dance star. Just crank up your favorite music and have fun. It’s great for your legs and for getting your blood flowing. Plus, if you work really hard, it has incredible health benefits for your heart.

2: On

Walking is a great way to exercise and I personally do a lot. I walk to school and I feel so much better. Just insert headphones and enjoy the sun. Being outdoors will make you feel good and help you relax and unwind.

3: Swimming

Swimming is a super relaxing and simple way to exercise. It’s simple to put on a bathing suit and hang out in the water and relax. It’s a good way to tone arms and legs while getting a tan, which is always a plus.

4: Yoga

It’s a super relaxing way to stay fit and centered, I highly recommend this one if you’re stressed out as it forces you to calm down and breathe. You can use these practices in many ways, from calming your breathing in class to winning a balance contest. This one you don’t need any gear for, just change into something comfy you can move into (even pajamas will do) and post a simple YouTube video or search for moves on Pinterest and become zen.