acne wars

She’s stressed out about those little blisters on her face, so if you’re offended by mirrors, how about fighting them?

International specialist in hospital dermatology Assoc. Dr. Ahou BirolThanks.

Acne is like OSS! Every teenager’s nightmare! Or did you think it was just you who had trouble with him? So take a look! You know how many people think their acne makes them ugly and frown in front of the mirror? If you too suffer from acne, stress and can’t get over the urge to squeeze them, this article is for you! Because if you want to fight it, you must first know your enemy well!

What is Acne?
Acne, called acne in medicine, is a disease of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the skin. A plug composed of keratin and sebum forms due to the excessive secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands which open in the hair follicles. Acne occurs due to clogging of hair follicles and the effect of microorganisms in them. In other words, we get acne breakouts. At the base of acne are closed spots called black and white spots. These spots turn red due to bacteria and cause acne inflammation. At the most advanced level, nodules and cysts are formed, which are not easily squeezed.

Why at this age?
Say but? Why do they date in our best, most exciting years? It’s like what would happen if they came out when we were 40 🙂 But of course everything in the world has an order! The reason acne is common in adolescence is because of the hormonal changes we go through at this age. As a result of this change, certain hormones called male hormone i.e. androgen hormone increase in our body. These hormones increase oil secretion. When this oil secretion in our skin increases, acne occurs.

Is it a question of genetics?
Yeah! If there are a lot of people in your family and first-degree relatives who have problems with acne, it is very likely that you have this problem.

Are acne and stress directly proportional?
Stress does not cause acne, but it does make it easier! If you have a predisposition to acne on your skin, you may see them increase, especially during times of stress.

Is it just a percentage?
No. Acne can be seen not only on the face, but also on the body. Those that occur in the body can be exacerbated, especially during the summer months. Because the preservatives or creams we use can accelerate the formation period of acne.

Should I push pimples?
Certainly not! If you constantly play with or press the pimples, you will disperse the germ to other areas and promote the proliferation of pimples. It can also leave acne scars on the face.