100 annoying things!

Have you ever thought about the glitches you encounter during the day and what annoys you? Here are 100 details that seem small but manage to multiply our nervous coefficient by 100!

  1. The alarm clock that rings “without brunching with the crow” and wakes you up,
  2. Lock computer while having the most passionate chat on Msn,
  3. Before even having the chance to go to the canteen, the class bell rings,
  4. Hair whose cut you love so much that it grows out and distorts its shape,
  5. Her hair scattering in the wind,
  6. The end of the book you read with pleasure,
  7. The book you must read is endless,
  8. Discharged Cell Phone,
  9. If the message you wrote to your friend is not delivered,
  10. That your dreams haven’t come true yet,