Chamber or sanctuary? How to make your bedroom a stress-free haven of well-being

Tests, homework, lab reports, exams…the average student’s day is filled with stress-inducing tasks. That’s why, when it’s time to unwind, it can be helpful to retreat to a bedroom filled with wellness and anti-stress products to shake things up. Of course, on a student budget, fancy white noise devices and essential oil diffusers aren’t always an option. So whether you’re a wellness enthusiast looking to save some money, or just a weary college student longing for your own cozy space to relax, you’ll likely benefit from our diverse list of simple organization hacks. and inexpensive to transform your room. in a wellness retreat.

1. Try a pillow spray

While pillow sprays aren’t the most mainstream wellness products on the market, don’t let their uniqueness stop you from trying them! These products, which are made with water, essential oils, or herbal components like lavender and chamomile, have been shown to improve sleep quality, allowing the body to relax and unwind. Even better, you can find them here, priced around $10.

2. Decorate your bed with cushions

Close your eyes and think about how it feels to get back into bed after a day of running from class to class, attending grueling lessons, and typing on a computer for hours. Now imagine that same feeling, but this time, in a bed adorned with soft, comfortable cushions. It’s so simple. Give your bedroom a restorative quality with this easy decorating trick and allow yourself to re-energize the day in the coziest bed.

3. Light scented candles

Wellness centers and SPAs are often decorated with fragrant, soothing candles, so why should your bedroom be any different? Invest in a few scented candles, place them on your bedside table, shelf, or desk, and light them as soon as you get home in the evening. This simple hack will fill your space with soothing aroma and spread warm light around your room. Don’t forget to turn them on when it’s time to take a nap!

4. Invest in a weighted blanket

Alright, alright, even though it might be the most expensive item on the list, its many benefits for health and resting the body are worth every penny. These duvet-style blankets are characterized by their extra weight, which is their magic ingredient for more comfort, reduced stress, better quality of sleep and an increased feeling of calm. Many sell for up to $200, but you can also find them for around $30. Seriously, it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Be comfortable in your favorite loungewear

To make the most of your cozy, feel-good bedroom, there’s one basic step you need to take: put on your favorite pajamas, sweater and sweatpants, or loungewear. Not only will this allow your body to breathe (jeans can be stuffy, we know), but it will signal a change in your routine. By removing your school or work uniform or the outfit you’ve been wearing since morning and replacing it with the most comfortable indoor garment, you remove the activities and challenges of the day, easing the transition from your mind towards a more relaxed evening.

6. Create a comfort corner

Everyone has their own valuable comfort items. Maybe it’s your personal journal, your favorite novel, the mask you can’t sleep without, or a relaxing cup of herbal tea. For this bedroom organization tip, try storing all the things that relax you and help you regain your energy in a “comfortable corner”. Simply place your comfort items within easy reach (perhaps on your bedside table) to make your evening de-stressing routine easier than ever!

7. Decorate your room with plants

The benefits of indoor plants should not be underestimated: research consistently proves that plants lower stress levels, help maintain low blood pressure, and purify the air. So why not spruce up your bedroom with inexpensive greenery to boost your well-being! All you need is a trip to your local florist or garden center and of course, some natural light.

8. Leave your devices at a designated “tech station”

We know how tempting it can be to check your social media when it’s time to relax or fall asleep with Netflix playing on your laptop after a long day (really, we’ve all been there! ). At the same time, we are also aware that scrolling through TikTok for hours, stimulating your mind and straining your eyes before falling asleep simply cannot be healthy. Luckily, to make your bedroom a quieter, healthier space to fall asleep in, there’s a simple solution: organize a space in your bedroom to put down your phone, tablet or laptop at bedtime, a so-called ” technology station!

9. Purify the air with a Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are one of the hottest trends in home decor today. While many defend their health benefits (often believed to purify the air or help increase a good mood), others remain skeptical, given the unclear research findings. Try investing in this bright pink lamp here to enhance the feel-good atmosphere in your bedroom. Whether they improve health or not, their relatively cheap price justifies adding this accessory to your room.

10. Burn scented incense sticks

Finally, what better way to make your room look like an authentic sanctuary than to equip it with aromatic incense sticks? Besides their fragrant quality, created by their essential oil components, burning incense is accredited with positive effects to increase calmness, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep! Purify your room with these scented sticks and enjoy a peaceful end to the day.

There’s no doubt that after a day of classes, homework, and extracurricular activities, the mere thought of crawling into bed only to wake up hours later to start all over again is mentally draining. But, if you take the time to outfit your bedroom with wellness-inspired products and a comfortable layout, you may appreciate the soothing and restorative qualities of your room. All in all, the key to successfully unloading the stresses of the day is being able to do so in a room that inspires rest, relaxation and absolute comfort. Sure, some of these ideas might seem simple, modest, or even questionable (come on, give the pillow spray a shot!), but you’ll find that incorporating some of the organization or decorating hacks above could be what you need to Effectively recover from unnecessary stress and tackle tomorrow’s tasks head-on.