Finding the balance between school and life: what to keep in mind

Most students are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between school and personal life. But, with overwhelming homework, assignments, and tests taking up students’ time, it’s difficult and seemingly impossible to achieve a balance between school and your personal life. Achieving a healthy balance between school and self-care isn’t easy, and I can attest to that. However, once you achieve a balance between school and personal life, you will be extremely happy that you took the time to do so. Remember: your sanity is more important than a test or an assignment. You are worth more than a letter grade on an assessment. While it’s important to do your best in school, remembering that you come before your studies is key to achieving balance.

Take time out of your day to relax

Although easier said than done, having some down time at the end of your busy school day is essential. Even if you still have tons of homework to complete, you need to take time, as much time as your schedule allows, to just be in the present and have fun. Do something you love. Do something that lets you forget about tests and quizzes for a while. Do something that motivates you. Playing for ten minutes with your pet after studying for a long time is an example of what your first step to achieving a balance between school and life can look like.

Every evening, I set aside an hour for myself to relax. That I spend my time watching an episode of Gilmore Girls or listen to music, I relax after a long day. This, above all, is essential to a healthy balance between school and your personal life. On days when the amount of homework you still need to check off your to-do list is too overwhelming to stray from, make sure you do at least a something that will calm you down. Maybe it’s playing music while finishing an article in English. Or, maybe that includes making you your favorite dinner.

Not only will taking time to be in the present improve your mental well-being, but it can also lead to better concentration when completing your homework. It is now wise to study for hours and hours without taking a break. Taking a few moments to get away from your work will make it easier for you to concentrate and complete your homework efficiently.

Understand when and where you work best

There are people who are extremely productive in the morning. So going to bed early and getting up before school to finish work is the smart move for their. But, for others, night work is when they are most efficient, and so they should set aside time at night to complete their homework. Once you know when you work best, you’ll start finishing your homework and homework more efficiently, which will free up room in your day to relax.

Apart when you work better, you have to find out where you work better. I always enjoy studying and completing work at my school library. For others, working on their couch at home is where they feel most comfortable. Work where you know you will be most productive. By working at the right time and in the right place, your homework and duties will start to feel a lot less heavy and overwhelming.

Don’t force yourself to always do more

Without a doubt, I’m the type of person who always wants to add After to your schedule. Let’s say I have a light homework day, with only a few assignments to complete. After about two hours, I finished all my homework for the day. I spend another hour working on my extracurricular activities. At 6 a.m., I absolutely nothing remains to be done. For some, having lots of free time is great. But, for me, doing nothing is uncomfortable. As students are used to working constantly, when they have nothing left to work on, they may not know what to do with themselves. On days when I have little homework, I often want to keep working. However, once you’ve completed all the tasks you wanted to accomplish for the day, learning how to quit working is essential.

Not putting pressure on myself to always do more is always a challenge. But I challenge myself to learn to to like break time.

Stop looking for perfection

Reach your standard of perfectionism is impossible. For some students, there always seems to be something in their assignment that they can improve on. But, if you find yourself constantly striving for perfection, you will inevitably burn out. Remember that if perfection is your goal, you never be satisfied with yourself or the work you do.

Just strive to do your best for each mission. Be proud of your work. But, don’t hold yourself to a ridiculous standard that you will inevitably fail.

Remember you are only human

Pushing your limits is a mistake that will have a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being. If you’re drained and exhausted, you won’t do the job effectively. Don’t work until you can barely keep your eyes open. Do not work after losing all concentration. Don’t work when you can do more productive activities, including personal care.

The balance between school and personal life is a challenge for students. But, prioritizing your mental health is key to being happy. To be a better person and a better student, you must learn to prioritize yourself regardless of the circumstances. Remember that taking care of yourself is just as productive, if not more so, than doing homework and studying for exams.