Don’t let your passions make you sick

Impossible to give up the duo of low-waisted pants and thongs, impossible to go out without foundation. But don’t let your passion for beauty and fashion make you sick!

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Too much thong is harmful
Thongs, which have become even more popular in recent years, are our number 1 savior when wearing light dresses and thin fabric pants. But unfortunately, these clothes, which seem to be a physical savior, can cause bacteria and fungi to form in the genital area. According to experts, the string-like section behind thongs can cause germs to be transported from the anal area to the vagina and urinary tract! When tight pants and a thong made of synthetic fabric are combined, the likelihood of hygiene problems increases. This duo, which causes sweating and increased heat in the vaginal area due to friction, can cause us to experience complaints such as burning, tingling, itching and fungus.
what should you do
– Try not to wear thongs unless absolutely necessary.
– When you need to wear it, definitely choose cotton and porous fabrics.
– Wear the thong once and then immediately throw it in the ground.
– Never neglect the cleaning of the genital area. Use special gels and cleansing wipes.
– If you feel any discomfort such as tingling, burning, itching in the genital area, you should definitely consult a doctor.

The stomach is open, the disease is at the door
We’ve embraced low-rise fashion so much that no matter what store we go to, we can’t find high-waisted pants, skirts, or underwear. This hipster fashion, which we really like but which our mothers couldn’t get used to, is ultimately not very healthy. So we have to admit, albeit with regret, that our mothers were right! Since these garments expose the abdominal area, this area is exposed to constant heat changes. This means that we face health problems in our very important organs such as the stomach, intestines, kidneys and ovaries. If you also suffer from flatulence, urinary infections, stomach cramps, diarrhea and pain in the intestines, the reason for all this may be the low waisted clothes you wear πŸ™
what should you do
– Try to wear low rise pants and revealing pants in hot weather.
– Bring a shawl or sweater to tie around your waist, especially on windy and cool days.
– When wearing low-rise clothes, opt for long tunic-style tops.