5 things to avoid!

Tattoos, piercings, cigarettes, alcohol and aesthetics… You might be tempted to look good and prove yourself! But you absolutely must stay away from them before the age of 18! You ask why?

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1. Tattoo

You may also want to get tattooed on your body like the celebrities you admire. Maybe you want to wear your lover’s name on you! But first you need to know what disadvantages a tattoo can have. Tatoo, which comes from the Tahitian word Tautau, means tattoo, writing or painting done on the skin of the body with a sharp tool like a needle. The tattoo cannot be destroyed by the skin because it is rooted in the lowest layer of the skin. Of course, this process is not easy. The tattoo machine used to reach this layer creates small holes and crevices in the skin with its pointed tip. The dye material is injected into these holes and slots by the machine! As you can imagine, this process is a bit of a pain! The intensity of the pain you will feel depends entirely on your pain threshold.

Why you should stay away
* The tattoo must be done in a clean environment and the paints used must be approved by the World Health Organization. If this procedure is not performed under sterile conditions, the risk of infection increases. In addition, an allergic reaction may develop depending on the antiseptic products used. These reactions begin with redness and itching and spread throughout the body.
* Association of specialists in dermatology. Dr. Ahu Birol says that after tattooing, allergic conditions may arise due to the applied paint. In particular, red dyes can cause blistering of the skin.
* In our youth, our ideas and our tastes change. That’s why a shape you love right now may not match your style years later or it may look silly! Then you might regret getting a tattoo!