Enjoy the SPA at home

Take time for yourself this month to relax and get rid of all the stress, enjoy the SPA at home with candles, incense, hot water and relaxing music!

Leave aside exams, family problems, friend problems, beloved trips! Take care of your body and relax your soul with pleasant scents! All you have to do is set a day to relax a little, put all your worries aside and of course get better. How are you going to do it? First you need to turn off your cell phone. The next few hours are yours alone because don’t talk to anyone else! Then follow the steps in order!

Natural peeling
The first step in SPA should be to both stimulate blood circulation and get rid of dead cells. To do this, all you need is a simple application of peeling. What? In the bathroom, simply brush your body in a circular motion from the feet upwards using a scrub or a natural bristle brush while it is dry. Then straight into the water!

relax, relax, relax
Who among us would not seduce massage, hammam, treatments with aromatic oils applied in SPA centers? With these few hours of joy, life has become rosy! Well, do you think that to experience this happiness, you have to invest all your pocket money in this business? Of course not. Don’t forget that you can enjoy the same pleasure at home. The most important step of the SPA is a bubble bath. It takes all your fatigue away, relaxes you and energizes you. Take care that the water in the bath, which will last you half an hour, is not too hot; Bath water, which should be at body temperature, also accelerates blood circulation. If you add scented oils to the bath water with the foam, you will double the pleasure. Our advice in this regard is the oils of lavender, chamomile, jasmine, orange blossom, rose… But beware, the oils sold under the name of apple, apricot, orange oil in many stores should not be used in the bathroom as they contain essential oils. You can also put sea salt in the tub to energize your body. After getting out of the bathroom, do not forget to wrap yourself in a bathrobe and rest for a while. Then you can also get rid of toxins by drinking a glass of mineral water or kant (a mixture of a glass of warm water and a little lemon). Don’t forget to hydrate your body too!