love bingo

Come, let’s play a fun game with you, choose the handsome guy you like with Love Bingo! After all, love is a bit of luck! You never know what will come out of the bag for you! But if you follow the rules and take the right steps, you can beat the bad luck factor and be the winner of this game!

Hazan Akoz

Get your attention!
You can’t win her heart like that, you have to finish the first zinc first. So you have to get his attention. What? Not by accidentally bumping into him or asking him for the time, of course! Because these numbers are now clichés 🙂

Rule #1: Look them in the eye!
It might sound like a clichéd suggestion many times, but you can’t impress a person without looking them in the eye, and you need to know that. We are not talking about looking away, but about meeting his gaze and sending him a sweet electricity of love. Do you know the look of golden dogs? It’s true! They look at people so kindly that you can immediately understand what they are saying from their eyes. You should too. He should be able to tell that you’re interested in him with just a glance.

Rule #2: Smile
Look, look how far 🙂 If you keep looking at the child for so long, he will not be able to decide whether his intentions are good or bad. If you don’t smile nicely, he’ll never dare come and talk to you. Men can be more shy than you think. They always need motivation. If a girl doesn’t send the first signal, so we’re talking about those smiles, she may not decide to approach him forever. Mysterious situations always scare them. Come on, send him a signal with your beautiful white teeth!

Rule #3: Body language
Some are so shy that just looking or smiling is not enough. Your cheek muscles may hurt from smiling 🙂 But you still may not get result. Then it means you need business and flirting now 🙂 When you look at him, always be by his side. Play with your hair, keep your arms open to both sides. Cross your arms and cut yourself off from communication and always laugh. Beautiful people like positive girls 🙂

Configure it now!
Once you’ve managed to catch his eye, it’s time to impress him…

Rule #1: Communicate!
You have to find a way to talk to him. For example, check Facebook immediately to see if you have mutual friends. Oh my god, don’t you? Then follow him and see who he likes to hang out with. If you are hesitant to chat directly with him at first, try meeting a close friend first. If you manage to do this, you will eventually meet him as well.

Rule #2: Chat!
The best way to meet him is to gently object to his comment when you chat. For example, it is perhaps telling that he liked Cem Yılmaz’s film “AROG” very much. At that moment, immediately enter the conversation and state a criticism like “Yes, I liked it too, but Nil Karaibrahimgil could have played better, she never played this role”. If you liked Nil a lot, it could be another name, of course, don’t cheat, learn the real rules 🙂 Watch how the conversation will heat up then. Of course, don’t lose your temper doing all this. If you stay calm, he will understand how confident you are.

Rule #3: Impress her!
Now it’s time to infiltrate his heart 🙂 It shouldn’t be so hard, no, after you’re so cute 🙂 Find out his interests right away: what team he supports, what kind of movies he look, what is his favorite style of music, who listens the most. ? Take it all out of her mouth while chatting and tell her who you like too. Even listen to your favorite tracks! Let’s see how much you have in common.

You guys get along so well, things are going well, and you love spending time together. So he wouldn’t say “no” to warming up a little more, would he?

Rule #1: Let her know you love her!
If a guy doesn’t like a beautiful girl even a bit, he won’t spend so much time with her! It means he really likes something about you. You can ask him openly. Why does he spend so much time with you and what does he like to do with you the most? Let’s see how he will respond? Whatever he likes, you can keep doing it all the time 🙂

Rule #2: Let the confessions come.
Now is the time to talk about some things. If you still haven’t managed to open up, the only problem may be this: you love each other very much, but you never dare to open up. There’s only one thing you need to do here, and that’s create the right environment. Invite him to the movies, go to the café together or stay home and study together. In an environment where the two of you can be alone, give her sweet little jealousies. For example, ask your favorite Hollywood star, then say “Huh, that’s not so pretty” and joke around 🙂

Rule n°3: Get attached!
Still no progress? Now is the time to tell yourself how important you are. Tell him that you had a great time together, that you tell him first when you have a problem, that you share all your joys with him, and that you always want to be by his side. We can’t think of a handsome guy who can stay unmoved by all those nice words. We think it’s BOOM now, what do you think?