Get back in shape after summer

You’ve been traveling with your friends all summer, dusted off and having fun! Now is the time to stay home and focus on school and lessons! If you’re stressed and giving yourself time to eat while doing this, you should check out the suggestions to help you deal with your appetite!

Article: Hande Ertem

no crisis

The first rule to deal with your appetite is to eat little, but often. If you eat like this, you will be seated at the table at your next meal without being too hungry. However, if you feel hungry during the day, you should definitely stay away from junk food. If you want something to snack on, you should choose low-calorie foods like fruits, nuts, diet cookies, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots.

No running in the fridge

If you find yourself in front of the refrigerator when you can’t find anything to do at home or you are arguing with someone, you should stop right away. So how will you manage to give up the habit of eating something to relax in times like these? Of course, by offering different activities to do! For example, instead of running to the fridge, you can call your best girlfriend and chat with her. You can also suppress your hunger by listening to pleasant music or reading a book that will relax you. These suggestions may seem strange, but give them a try and you might find that it works…

no session

How about burning some calories? Did you know that when you do exercises that work your muscles, your body temperature increases and therefore you burn more calories? Also, according to experts, your appetite is suppressed after exercise. It is best to exercise at least an hour before your usual mealtime and minimize the urge to eat.

Do not swallow without chewing

If you swallow food after chewing it for a long time, you help your brain recognize the food that has entered your body and receive signals from it. As you eat, be sure to turn the bites you take in your mouth at least 20 times. Thus, your sense of taste will also be satisfied and signals will be transmitted to your brain in the meantime so that you understand that you are full. If you think about it, when we eat fast, don’t our stomachs bloat because we eat too much?

Don’t be thirsty

Since water is the most important element after breathing for the functioning of our body, we must drink a lot of water! Important tasks such as digesting food, transporting it to cells, absorbing it, removing waste from the body, and controlling body temperature are all done with water. You should therefore drink at least 1 liter of water throughout the day. For a healthier life, there is no harm in drinking more water, on the contrary, it has many advantages! Indeed, if you drink a glass of water before meals, it will inflate your stomach and reduce your desire to eat!

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