Guide through the red zone: 5 ways to have fun during your period

Forget to take the bra off.

I’m ready to take off the whole stuffy outfit… and put on my pajamas.

The only sexy thing about me is the cookie crumbs I munch on watching “Younger” season after season.

What about all the boys and men who just take their time texting back? Don’t worry, take your time. Just know that after the next few days of raging moods, torrents of tears, and being an ordinary woman, I’ll be back to conquering the world on my terms. But now it’s time to take care of yourself.

For the ladies here who struggle with their red zones, their time of the month, and any other names you have for this perfectly natural part of your female anatomy, I applaud you. You still go to school, to work, to sports, you just live your life. You deal with dads who don’t understand, boyfriends who can’t take no for an answer, not to mention men who talk bullshit without any truth. You manage to put on that smile while crying inwardly because the world doesn’t make room for understanding menstrual maintenance.

I especially want to shine a light on the girls and women who had to learn all of this on their own, whether their mothers were there or not. I see you, I feel what you feel and I care for you like my own sisters. We support each other.

In order to get through this monthly ritual, I’ve created a mini guide on how to have fun while going through the intensities of menstruation. So today we’re going to say to this thing we call this time of the month, “Sit down sis. I had fun doing it today.

5. Express yourself baby

It’s hard ladies. In a world that always tells us to shut our mouths and kneel rather than discuss how to prevent gun violence, it gets pretty tough when it comes to being honest about personal feelings. This is where woman power comes in. Get creative girls. Doodle like the mad hatter in your journal. Scream in the sky outside or in your pillow. Talk to yourself in the mirror that is your smartphone camera. Maybe try to find a better therapist. Whatever you do, make it a safe way to express yourself and help you work through your feelings. Don’t let culture, people (including family), background or past keep you from dealing with what turns into a snowball of pain. Untying that knot of pain is what will give you release. Your life depends on what you do with it. Therefore, it starts with how you create the best version of yourself.

4. Drink all the fudge you want

Sneak it if you must my darlings. Surviving the toughest and heaviest days relies on good distractions. Pull out that list of shows you said you would catch up on in the past two years. Some good ones to start with are “Grown-ish”, “Good Trouble” and “The Bold Type” which makes the writer and the woman in me happily entwined. If you need a throwback, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” is still good to cuddle up to. In all honesty, look at what gives you goosebumps in your soul as well as in your flesh. If you like, help out your comrade and drop your favorite show or two in the comments!

3. Nap, nap, nap

Let me tell you sis, nothing beats a nap. No friend, no bae, no love of Algee Smith will make me sacrifice sleep. Women, we have worked hard, recording more than releasing. It’s time to get under the plush covers, wearing your favorite t-shirt, before saying goodnight to the cares of the world and good riddance. Set aside time every day or every few days for charging. Self-care is a habit that will make your day that much better. By all means, take that well-deserved nap.

2. Delete. Their. Posts.

Having your emotions running high, feeling sicker and sicker, and wanting to tear the world in two is hard enough without people bent on destroying you. Whether they’re fake-nice, just plain fake, mean or just plain toxic, you know they have to go – today! So when you’re ready, that phone should come out and once you’ve clicked on that resounding warning, “Are you sure you want to delete this?” ‘, turn off the delete button lights (you know softly). Keep sweeping them away until they are forgotten. Let the messages fade and don’t let those contacts stay. Make room for the newest, hottest and best for you. People who are reliable and want you to look your best are all that will be accepted this time around. Claim your good tribe. Now be ready to attract blessings.

1. Press play on these playlists

Music is the drug that drives humanity forward. The way the notes and their rhythms synchronize with each other has no simple explanation. Even on a person’s worst day, a song is what brings them back to the light of their path. Maybe it’s time to shout. Or for the next twenty minutes, Mozart is the best friend who knows how to calm your anxiety. Rachel Portman’s soundtrack to The rules of the cider house do my heart good any day. Overall, playlists exist for every type of person. If not, try making your own. After that press play and let the music take care of you.

Considering I learned a lot about periods without my mother’s help, I understand that everyone’s methods are different and the journey as a woman is terribly difficult. It’s a guide you can always refer to. Save it as you wish. I want this to help girls and women everywhere. On your worst days, come back here and to this site to let you know that there are whole nations of women facing the challenges you are facing.

Oh, before I forget, you’re a boss. You have this. Now enjoy your self-care.