How to motivate yourself to train at home

It’s been a real struggle for me to train these days and after trying to jump rope regularly for a month, it seems like my body isn’t ready for another fitness dedication just yet. However, I wasn’t going to just give in to my laziness, especially when each day could bring me closer to my fitness goals. So over the past few days I’ve forced myself to start training again and so far I’ve put together a list of things I’ve done that I think have helped me stay motivated and committed and can therefore help others as well.

1. Make a checklist

One of the best ways to force yourself to practice is to create a checklist and add it as an item, especially when the other items on the checklist are things you usually do. This way, you’ll feel bad if you check the remaining boxes and your workout is the only unchecked box, motivating you to pull out your workout mat and do something.

2. Watch tons of workout videos

Thanks to Chloe Ting, Holly Dolke, Emi Wong, Gabriella Whited, Alexis Ren, Pamela Reif, Mad fit, Mr London, Koboko fitness, etc (these are all the fitness YouTubers I know), there are thousands of videos workouts on YouTube and they will surely be the ones that meet your needs, so finding the perfect workout is almost impossible. Even if you prefer to customize your own workout routine, watching these fitness gurus can give you ideas on what type of exercises you should incorporate for specific body parts to achieve your goals.

3. Watch other people’s personal training routines

After seeing personal workout videos on YouTube, especially the quarantine versions, I instantly got that push from my bed to start doing something. It wasn’t just because I saw them training, but because I realized that some of these people usually did their workouts at the gym, and since the gyms were closed, they were still finding ways to train. at home in addition to what they were used to. So I (being someone who has never been to a gym) didn’t have a single excuse not to work out.

4. Watch Amazing Transformation Videos

Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are great apps for finding tons of transformative videos and photos. Just tag “fitness goals” or “weight loss” on Instagram and you’ll see millions. Creating vision boards on Pinterest is also great for staying on track.

5. Play music while working out

It’s really great for keeping you motivated. You can even use some of the exercises as a dance step to the beat of the song. If you’re looking for workout videos on YouTube that you can do while listening to great music, try workouts from Madfit or Gabriella Whited.

6. Only do workouts you love.

For some people (I included), doing other people’s routines just doesn’t seem to work for us. It’s either too hard and we get discouraged when we can’t do the exercise properly, or we get bored after a few days. I’m committed to only doing workouts that I enjoy doing and that’s because I can easily switch things up and not get bored doing them.

7. Buy or choose a goal kit.

I have dozens of goal outfits waiting to be worn when I finally have my dream body. Some of them are old clothes that I still love and want to bring back, while others are new dresses that unfortunately don’t even fit me at all. I always picture myself wearing these clothes in my head while doing my toughest workouts (planks) and they give me the motivation I need because I know if I stay consistent my visions will soon come true.

Choose a goal outfit, if you don’t have one, buy one. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dress in any way, even your old jeans that are now a size too small will do.

8. Wear nice sports clothes and proper shoes

Good sports bras, comfortable shoes, a soft yoga mat, fitted leggings; these are must-haves. Working out in clothes that are too small or bras that are too big is never comfortable. I remember trying to start a jump rope training plan for a month, I was so motivated at first and I grabbed my jump rope ready for a change, it didn’t even bother me. didn’t take a minute before I stopped because my shoes were terribly uncomfortable and my foot hurt very quickly. I got discouraged and now stick to HIIT workouts that I can do in my bedroom for obvious reasons.

Moreover, wearing nice sportswear would make you want to exercise.

9. Try to do your workouts in the morning.

If you don’t like to be seen or watched while you exercise, do your workouts early in the morning when it’s less bright and no one is waking up. Believe me, it helps because most of the time it gets disheartening when someone keeps staring at you or watching your every move.

10. Do small mini-routines throughout the day.

Instead of doing a full twenty-minute workout, try breaking it up into smaller sessions that you do throughout the day. For example, if your goal is to do 200 squats every day, do 20-30 squats each time you get up to get something, or even do a squat grip while using the toilet.

I hope these tips have helped you. It can be a real struggle to stay healthy and fit during quarantine. The feeling of unfulfillment that comes with every day that passes without you doing something to reach your fitness goals is overwhelming (trust me, I know that feeling) but no one is perfect, we have our moments of laziness and what is important is ‘t”not“Fail, but don’t give up. So don’t give up no matter what, when you fall, get back up and work towards your dreams.