The Psychology and Biology of Teenagers Behind Their Reactions

The teenage years are the most memorable years of our lives: it is our stage of development for our minds as well as our bodies. Sexual changes, including maturing and other restylings in the body, are due to hormonal changes.

Adolescence is another name for adolescence. Nothing is more amazing than being stupid and careless. Making mistakes and learning from them makes us who we are and defines us as humans, but teenagers are widely known as troublemakers and rebels. These are psychological actions that make you a person going through a cycle to become an adult.


A sentence comes to them in these 6 years of life where independence and freedom play an important role. Arising a mood of “you can’t do me.” We teenagers tend to be emotionally defensive when questioned and this sometimes leads to feelings of resentment towards others. It has more to do with the biological changes in our brain, the maturation of the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for complex behavioral performance takes place which is pretty much complete by the age of 25. You still have enough part of the brain to distinguish between rebellious and dangerous. , try and endure.


Most of us have heard people say “you’re too stupid to make decisions” or “you’re not responsible enough”, I mean, they’re pretty right about that. We are not good decision makers in our teens, most our resolutions depend about our friends or about a new trend that “everyone” is following, we blindly execute them without referring to the pros and cons.

Various internet sources estimate that a person makes about 35,000 conscious decisions remotely every day. Teenage brains work differently than adults. Adults are smart decision makers while we teenagers let our emotions and desperation do the trick. Making decisions by communicating can guide you to understand the situation and solve most problems.

Try to have good discussions and let your adults help you from time to time even if you are too proud to admit the problem, try them at least once and analyze the difference.


Your emotions don’t just sway, they stumble, sway, bounce, pivot, or even spin from time to time. Feeling struck by emotions tornado is completely normal. The main moods of the day are considered to be happiness, sadness, anger, pain, frustration and anxiety. We over-analyze the actions of others when we are supposed to focus on ourselves. We allow the words and actions of others to influence us. These little things have the power to make us clumsy and embarrassed.

As a teenager, I feel different myself around people I’m not comfortable with. Even though psychological thinking has a huge effect, but biological facts are also culprits, the continuous change of chemicals and hormones in our brain creates a feeling of confusion in us.

Estrogen and progesterone in girls and testosterone in men are sex hormones, the main cause of being a moody teenager. Stress is a real bad trigger that causes mood swings. Staying calm and composed can help you get through your day. Having a direct perspective can help keep you organized, which gives you a calm personality.


Teenagers tend to be anxious or obsessed with something or someone. We like to have a sense of belonging and security over our relationships as well as our possessions. Interaction with others helps build confidence and self-esteem. Socializing and having a status of popularity among the groups becomes an essential element.

At this stage in life, teens prefer to spend time with peer groups rather than their families. Of course, there are some exceptions. Age groups reshape us in our behaviors and in all the wicked plots we put into action. We are able to relate to them, being able to have someone like-minded brings comfort.

Adopting a tactic towards another person has the comparable reaction of having to feel loved and cared for.

Being a teenager is truly amazing and magical, but those few years define us for the rest of our lives and have a big impact on us throughout. Having life time without worrying about the world is exciting.

Every action has a positive or negative reaction and we have to deal with it whether we like it or not. So just help yourself to identify between a better or worse change you are making to yourself. Enjoy every moment and get on with your life.