I dyed my hair

There are two types of household paint; paint tube and set. Experts recommend the paint set to us because it is more convenient and is not used to cover the white.

First use

The sets contain all the materials needed for painting. Important points are that clean hair should not be dyed (since the natural oil formed on the scalp which has not been washed for 2-3 days creates a protective layer, the dye does not damage the skin) and if a process such as a perm has been applied, the dye should be done at least a week later.

How to register

You should read the application guide carefully for best results. In general, the application is as follows: a tube of paint is squeezed into a special container and shaken until the peroxide in the container is completely mixed with the liquid. It is applied from the roots to be evenly distributed in the hair and waited for the recommended time. Do not use shampoo while rinsing your hair after dyeing to make the dye more durable. Just apply the care cream inside the paint.

How to choose the color

If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, you can try one or two shades of light or dark colors, not very different. Dramatic changes occur within certain limits with paints applied at home. Artificial color pigments in hair dyes can lighten hair up to three shades. For example, you have dark hair close to black and you want to try the color red. In particular, you can choose paints with a PR5 formula to preserve the permanence and brilliance of the red tones. If you want to achieve a result similar to a light red, you should first dye your hair brown and use it a bit like that, then try red tones. If you want a very light shade like yellow, that’s a tough prospect. If your hair is dark, you should gradually lighten the hair color until it turns blonde. But if you dye it frequently for this, your hair will be damaged. If your hair is red and you want to use auburn tones, you can apply ashy tones. Ash tones hold best because they are the opposite of red. If you want to see light tones between your hair, you should try beehive sets. Red and some yellow color sets contain more bleach. Before making the final decision on the color, be sure to check the hair catalogs available in the store.

I dyed my hair

You can use special nourishing care products so that the hair color lasts for a long time. Goldwell olor Glow is the first paint care system developed separately for five types of colors. It consists of five different products: Color protective shampoo, leave-in treatment, moisturizer, foam and finishing varnish that gives an extraordinary shine thanks to the color pigments. The Elseve Color Vive series, on the other hand, consists of a protective shampoo, an intense moisturizing conditioner and a brightening mask. Color Options The colors we have chosen for you from Koleston, Natural Colors, Garnier Nutrisse Koleston 12/0 Garnier Nutrisse 4.26 Garnier Nutrisse 5.3 Natural Colors 4M Garnier Nutrisse 7.64 Koleston 6/35 Koleston 7/0 Koleston 77/44 Natural Colors 7RL Natural Colors 10 C Natural Colorations 6RM Garnier Nutrisse 2.10 Those who want to start the summer with a new hair color! You don’t need to bother with the hairdresser, you can try it yourself at home.