It’s her favorite dessert: pancakes!

lowerHow about making a good dessert for your mom? Moreover, the recipe comes from Atiye! And as a bonus, there is a great conversation about food!

lowersays Atiye!

Atiye, who loves to cook, look what she told us.

Do you like to cook?
Yes. I do all! I especially love making pasta and pizza!

How do you make pizza?
I use tortellini because I like thin ones. I choose my own materials. After putting it in the oven, it is already cooked in 10 minutes.

Do you have the possibility to cook at home?
I do it whenever I get the chance. This happens once or twice a week. I often come home late and I really don’t want to cook… I order or I eat at the restaurant. But when I have a free day and I’m in a good mood, I love to cook!

So what’s the last thing you cooked for yourself?
I guess I did. I do it with eggplant, zucchini, onion, garlic, tomato. Hot rice on the side. I also make pasta very well. I particularly like the salmon pasta.

Can you count what you eat in a day?

For breakfast, I add probiotic oats and dried fruit to my muesli. I mix it with nuts, almonds and yogurt, pour honey. It’s my breakfast. Sometimes I eat eggs with it, and I’m addicted to peanut butter and cheese bread.

I love dried beans and rice with… It was also Atatürk’s favorite dish. Served with tomato or lentil soup. My own pasta in the evening.

Do you like pastries or fries more?
Probably fries. I especially like the fries.

Make sure what you eat is organic?
Yes definitely. Thus, organic products cost more, but it is still worth it. It does not contain chemicals and is healthier and more delicious. For example, the village egg. It’s organic for me too.

Can you find village eggs here?
It gets a little difficult. Sometimes it is sold in supermarkets, but you have to be lucky… Sometimes I buy it at the market.

You will go out to dinner with someone you love… Where would you like to go?
If someone likes Far Eastern cuisine, I would like to go to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant together.