Listen to yourself, keep fit!

lowerHe has prepared a wonderful salad for you to keep you in shape!

lowerHe says to himself!

Do you want to know how your own is with food?

What is your favorite dish to cook?
Since I live alone, I don’t like to cook with much effort. But I make wonderful kumpir! This cheddar will melt in it… Delicious! I’m really excited 🙂
Do you have a favorite dish?
I can easily eat everything without making a reservation 🙂
The meals prepared by our mothers, which we call “mother’s food”, are very different! What is your favorite dish that your mom prepares?
I love chopped spinach!
The one thing us girls can’t give up is dessert! How’s it going with the sweets?
Funnily enough, people love baklava and sweets, but for some reason I can’t love any of them! I especially like pudding, supangle, cake style desserts. I love tiramisu the most!
When it’s hard to cook at home, do you go to your mom’s or order online?
When I miss my mother’s cooking, I go to her house. Sometimes it’s more fun to order on the internet, it gets to the door of the meal 🙂 But since some restaurants are very busy between certain hours, the food gets cold until it arrives. I also made a special program, I never go hungry because I learn over time which restaurant brings the best food between which hours 🙂