It’s such a meal!

Would you like to have a sweet conversation about food with Aras Bulut İynemli, the handsome character from the TV series “So Bir Geçer Zaman ki”? The handsome actor also has some very special recipes for you!

Hollywood flavor

Cloud of macaws!

We loved Aras Bulut, who looks like both Hayden Christensen and Jude Law. Candidate to be the new favorite of the girls! He definitely has devilish hair!

What are your favorite Aras dishes?

I love meat dishes. I love Iskender, doner kebab, dürüm and meatballs.

How are you with vegetable dishes?

I live with my family. My mother makes and I eat. I’m not a food picker anyway. I just can’t eat a lot of eggplant dishes. It hurts my tongue and touches me for some reason! But my mother cooks so well that I can’t stand it.

Do you know how to cook?

I break eggs, I make sandwiches with student logic…

What’s the last thing you cooked for yourself?

I boiled chicken. Because I play sports. After sports, I eat boiled chicken and pasty rice. Chicken is a pure protein, so it is very useful after sports.

Do you pay attention to what you eat?

I have a problem with breakfast. I pass it with cereal. I can’t even open my eyes because we’re on set at eight in the morning. There are some good veggie dishes in the lunch set, but I still prefer things high in protein, like chicken. I’m good with vegetable dishes. By the way, my mum makes very nice peas 🙂

Can you tell us about your favorite three-course menu?

They say “breakfast is very important”, salami, cheddar, boiled egg, cream, honey and tea are a must 🙂 But the cream will be real cream made from milk . Breakfast must be big and you must sit at this table for hours. If I have time, pleasant conversations are also great! A good soup of ezogelin for lunch, and half of Ali Baba’s Iskender is enough 🙂

What else will you eat? Evening?

Rice, peas, sheet of paper and yogurt handmade by mom.