Do you have text fights? Stop Them Using These Tips

The coronavirus has undoubtedly had an impact on everyone’s relationships. Many of us sit at home and have no physical communication. Instead, we text people all day to keep the communication alive. This type of communication has its drawbacks, one of them being that it is much easier to get into an unproductive fight.

Text battles are hard to make sense of, making them endless and tiring in the end. Most of the time, text fights end up getting complicated and damaging our relationships, so it is better to avoid them no matter what. Here’s how to avoid text fights at all costs:

1. Avoid using one-word answers

Don’t act like you’re surprised by this one. We all know how one-word answers make us feel. It makes us feel insignificant, devalued and humiliated, especially if you’re a sensitive teenager like me. While I understand that you might be busy during the day and unable to send lengthy and meaningful replies, it’s always better to wait and send a more sincere text later than sending instant one-word responses.

2. Double-check your text

While I’m not saying you should overthink every text, if you feel the situation is getting tense, it’s best not to let your nervous system take over your mind and lash out at the person over the text. . Remember that attacking someone via text message will be useless in solving your problems. Also, the text you send will automatically be stored in the text history forever, which might cause more problems in the future. Instead, try to breathe slowly and calm your nerves. When you write a text, be sure to check it carefully. Review the text to edit, delete, or add to it.

3. Don’t use sarcasm

Of course, as a teenager, it’s almost impossible not to use sarcasm on a daily basis. However, you have to realize that even if you want it to be humorous, it may end up being more offensive and hurtful than funny. As I mentioned before, it’s hard to tell someone’s emotions just through text messages. Sarcasm is no less incomprehensible so try to avoid using it. If you’re joking and absolutely want to use sarcasm, try adding an emoji that will blatantly tell them. Otherwise, you might seem a bit passive-aggressive.

4. Pay more attention to your punctuation

You may think that misplacing a period or not putting a question mark at the end of a sentence is okay, but you should understand that these simple mistakes can cost you dearly.

Ending a text with a period gives the impression that you want to stop texting completely, which can seem very harsh.

Putting too many exclamation points at the end of a sentence sounds like you’re shouting and trying to be imperative.

5. Don’t ignore their texts

Don’t try to pretend you never looked at your screen while waiting for your crush or friend to respond. If you are busy, you can reply to the SMS later. However, if you are online and actively posting new photos on Instagram, they will notice. You’ll make them think you don’t like them, which will cause them to fight with you.

6. Don’t text too often

I know you miss your friends a lot. You might not even like being with your family all the time and want to escape them like an average teenager. Texting a friend can help you escape your family, but you have to set a limit. Try to avoid texting anyone all day, as the process will make both of you feel overwhelmed. Stop always checking them by SMS. Try to use SMS only for simple types of communication: catch up on some news, send important information, send some sweet texts, etc.

7. Solve problems in person

If a problem is anything but trivial, it is necessary to avoid texting about it on your phone. Using something that’s supposed to be quick and easy communication to solve deep-seated issues won’t do you any good. If you want to solve problems, it is always better to do it face to face. Meet the person and try to discuss your feelings in person. This way it will be much easier to explain your version of the situation, including your feelings and actions.

8. If you can’t solve problems, end text communication

If all else fails and you still can’t resolve the issues, it’s best to completely stop communicating and try to move forward in your life until you can do something about it.

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These tips will help you avoid getting into worthless text fights with loved ones and other acquaintances. Remember that text fights will most likely end up being ineffective. Also, we need to be kind, compassionate, and caring now, more than ever. Don’t fight if you can’t maintain a relationship, though. Value the people who continue to love and care for you no matter what. Stay optimistic for the future!